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Cycling in Älmhult

Do you like beeing outdoors? Would you like to experience the genuine countryside of Småland on a bicycle or by foot? Then Älmhult is exactly the right part of the world for you! Here are lots of places to explore and several gems waiting to be found.

Learn about the possibilities for cycling and exploring in the map below.

The map above is a filtered version, with only the bicycle routs, of the Älmhult guide in Naturkartan. Click here to visit the complete guide. External link. In Älmhult tourist information and in Älmhult InfoPoints are these bicycle- (and hiking) suggestions collected in a brochure. You may also read it in a digital way by clicking here. Pdf, 8.4 MB. (Pdf, 8.4 MB)

Below are three of the suggested cycle tours with a possible start in Älmhult that is worth an extra mention!

Bicycle rental och guided tours

Muff in Älmhult offers bicycle rental just 100 meters from Älmhult train station. Here is also an opportunity for a guided bicycle tour. A group of friends or coworkers that wants to experience Småland with a real bicycle (and Älmhult) enthusiast should check this out.

Read more and book your bike here! External link.

Road cycling as exercise

Are you looking for cycling rounds for training purposes more than for beautiful views? Then you should look at the overview of cycling rounds that Elmhult Sport Club has done. It also contains QR-links to the Strava application. Click here to open this brochure. Pdf, 10 MB. (Pdf, 10 MB)

When you are done cycling, perhaps this is of interest for you:

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