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We are delighted to welcome you to Älmhult. Älmhult is an idyllic, exciting, international part of Småland and of the world. Älmhult is the heart of IKEA and a safe and secure place to live.

Älmhult – a unique place to settle

Älmhult is home to approximately 18 000 people, from all corners of the globe.

It's common that municipalities the size of Älmhult are seeing their population fall, but Älmhult is bucking that trend. We are not exactly like all the others.

We are growing. In the daytime there are considerably more of us. Around 3 500 people commute to work in Älmhult every day. In addition to that, there is a large number of businesses and other travellers who come to visit each day.

Having Älmhult as your home means there is a place for you – a home, a job, development opportunities, relaxation, and recreation. There is the chance of a good life. There is also a place for your nearest and dearest, your children and your parents, where everyone will be well cared for. You will be welcomed with a smile, friendly words and by people who are on your side.

A great place to live!

Living in Älmhult is simple and comfortable. The small-town convenience means being close to work, school, leisure activities, nature, and shopping. This means less time commuting and more time to spend on the things you enjoy.

Älmhults residential areas are growing rapidly, at the moment Paradiset and Västra Bökhult are two areas expanding with different types of housing, a pre-school as well as a brand new school. On top of that, three new boroughs are currently on the drawing board: Furulund, Vena and Solvikskajen. As if that wasn't enough, we also have attractive places to live in the tranquil countryside close to nature and lakes. What is your dream? Is it building your own house in one of our exciting locations?

Then don't hesitate to contact the municipality or check out the link below for more information about land for sale.

Find a residence or land for sale (page in Swedish)

Education for life

Several new schools in our municipality are under development. More inhabitants mean a greater demand for municipal services such as schools and preschools, but it also presents us with opportunities. Therefore, we need to find new solutions that allow us to develop in a sustainable way for coming generations.

Since there are many families with children in Älmhult, education is prioritized. We want to make it simple for those who have recently moved in to make the right choice of school and preschool. Whether your children are younger or older, we think it is important for you to have easy access to information about what alternatives there are.


The educational aspect of preschool is important. In Älmhult we view preschool as an important factor in successful learning for children. Preschool serves to stimulate the child's interest in languages, science, technology, maths, and other subjects, as well as creating a digital learning environment. The educators undergo development through local and centralised initiatives, and we are working to create groups of children with a balance of composition and size. When the time comes to look for childcare, many questions may arise. Get in contact with us and we will point you in the right direction. Basically, the municipality has preschools for children aged one to five as well as an open preschool called “Kotten”. When children begin school, they are offered places at after-school centres. You apply for both childcare and preschool using the municipality’s e-services.


Älmhult's schools are advanced in the field of inclusive learning environments, where every pupil is seen and given challenges based on their own personal circumstances. Together, we are creating a preschool and school of equal standing, which are in constant development. In Älmhult you can find several compulsory schools, as well as independent schools.


Haganässkolan, a municipal upper secondary school and special needs upper secondary school, provides many different programmes. Haganässkolan offers programmes preparing for university or professions, introductory programmes, IB-programmes, Swedish for immigrants, adult education, and special needs upper secondary school.

Haganässkolan is more than just a school. There is a newly built sports centre and a newly renovated swimming pool, and we have nature close by if you want to take a walk or go for a run. In the Haganäs area there is a commercial centre with shops and restaurants. Älmhult town centre is only a few minutes' walk away, but here are also available busses.

International school

In Älmhult we are truly international. People from over 50 different countries live and work in our municipality. One in five of inhabitants between the ages of 25 and 44 were born abroad. This gives Älmhult an international feeling. Businesses in Älmhult attract people from all over the world. There is no coincidence that there is an international school right here in Älmhult. The school offers classes from preschool age to “grade 9” (approximately age 16), with all the teaching carried out in English. Students at the school, who follow an internationally based curriculum, can move on to another international school anywhere in the world. The international school is growing with its increasing demand.

An active free time

In Älmhult it is easy to create an active lifestyle to have a fuller, healthier life. There are cultural and sporting activities for people of all ages. There are more than 200 clubs and societies with a wide range of activities to get involved in. There is a school for arts and media (Kulturskolan), youth centres, an ice rink, sports halls, go-kart track, outdoor gyms, riding club, exercise clubs, golf course and much more.

Swimming all year round

If you like swimming, there are several beaches close to the town centre and around the municipality. There are also opportunities for indoor swimming at Haganäsbadet, with its 25-metre pool, jacuzzi and pool for rehabilitation. Haganäsbadet also has swimming lessons for all ages, including babies.

Playgrounds and parks

The municipality contains many beautiful outdoor spots where people can play games, socialize, or spend a moment in peace and quiet. How about a walk in Åparken in Diö, a jog around the circuit in Haganäsparken, or some fun at one of our playgrounds?

The sports school

In cooperation with 20 clubs and associations we offer school aged children the chance to take part in the sports school (Idrottsskolan). At the sports school all children can try out different sports, which makes it easy to find their favourite one. Read more at:Idrottsskolan

Music in Älmhult

Älmhult has a large, diverse music scene. Play music yourself, for example in our “Kulturskolan”, or visit our popular annual musical events. Find your next music event at: Kulturskolan - school of culture

A lot to visit

There is a lot to discover in Älmhult. There are outdoor activities such as canoeing, cycling and frisbee golf, the birthplace of Carl von Linnaeus, lakes with good opportunities for fishing, art exhibitions and restaurants. There is always something to do here.

Events all year round

Every year a variety of different events are held, with venues including Folkets hus, Destination Möckelsnäs, IKEA Live! and Älmhults centrum.

An expansive business environment creating jobs for the future

In Älmhult there is a long tradition of creative commerce with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, where many companies start up and collaborate. There is an openness and curiosity here, where traditions go together with diversity and innovation.

We want to create a good climate for business and good opportunities for existing companies to expand, as well as for new companies to establish themselves. Billions of kronor (SEK) have been invested over recent years and further investments are taking place. Companies are building and expanding, new homes are being built and major infrastructure work is in progress.

By being the home to IKEA, the largest furniture company in the world, Älmhult is in a unique situation. Our aim is to be the ”Home of the Home” – home to our successful businesses and to the creative and visionary people who are creating the future of Älmhult.

Älmhult is a town where we can all grow, make a difference, and improve ourselves. The labour market is strong and offers good career opportunities within many different branches. So, if you are looking for a new direction in your career, there is every chance you will find what you are looking for in Älmhult. There are around 1 800 companies here, many of which are looking for new skill sets. Perhaps they are looking for yours?

Business support centre

Our business support centre (Företagslotsen) helps those who wish to set up a company in the municipality or those who have already done so. It functions as a coordinator for all those parties, within the municipality, involved in your project. Read more at:


Start your own business

If you have started or are thinking of starting up your own company, you can contact NyföretagarCentrum. Here you will find experienced advisers who have their own companies and who can help you with business ideas, budget issues, marketing, and other things you need to know. Read more at:

NyföretagarCentrum Älmhult External link.

Expansive Älmhult!

Älmhult is expanding as more and more people are choosing to settle here. For some it is about finding a place to live close to work and for some it is about setting up a new business. There are a lot of exiting new projects currently being built, such as; new residential areas with a mix of different types of housing, different types of business-facilities, schools as well as infrastructure projects. A key to Älmhult’s expansion is the connection to Malmö and Copenhagen to the south and Växjö to the north, which is a contributing factor to the thriving business community. Being close to wonderful nature and having the small-town charm is of course also a great asset for the people choosing to live and work in Älmhult.

The aim of the municipality is to have an annual one percent population increase. To keep up with the increasing population there are several exiting projects happening at the moment. Please keep reading to find out what they are.

Developing Älmhults central locations

Right by the train station on the bus-square there are ongoing plans to build an 8-storey building. The central location offers the advantages of being close to public transport and amenities. To develop the existing bus-square in a more efficient way is one of the main reasons for proposing a new building for offices, business spaces as well as some apartments. The aim of the project is to contribute to strengthen the small-town community.

Improving eastern Älmhult – 350 new homes in a central location

Several projects are currently happening in the eastern part of Älmhult. One is to connect the town-center to the IKEA retail area by improving the 2 km main street Östra Esplanaden. The retail area itself is also undergoing modifications with new bike routes, green spaces and more focus on various activities such as sport and a music venue in addition to the shopping. North of the retail area a whole new district called Furulund is being planned with up to 350 homes, a new pre-school as well as dedicated business-area.

Another project is the transformation of the light industrial area, Plåtslagaren, to a neighbourhood of rental homes. The land is owned by the municipalities housing company and they plan to offer new-built rental apartments. Alongside building approximately 350 new homes, apartments and some townhouses, spaces for small-scale business will also be included.

A range of housing choices in western Älmhult

In the northwest part of Älmhult another new district called Västra Bökhult is currently being built. The area has that small-town feeling with beautiful nature just around the corner and the lake where you can go for a swim just a few minutes away. There are communal green spaces, a playground and a number of public spaces to tie the area together. If you hop on your bike, it is only a 5 minute ride to the town center. Västra Bökhult will have up to 450 homes when fully built and one-third of the homes will be detached private houses.

Västra Bökhult is being built in two stages. The first stage will be completed in 2022-2023. The second stage is partially being built at the same time as stage one. In stage two there will be 33 plots for private detached houses, two blocks of townhouses and four apartment blocks.

1 000 new homes, sports field and padel center

In western Älmhult the expansion continues with the new future district Vena. Vena is going to house 1 000 new homes, a school, pre-schools, retail and sport facilities. In the middle of Vena a 20 acre wetland is to be the green lung of the area and it will gently be enhanced and made more accessible for taking a nice walk, picking some blueberries or going for a run.

Where the new sports field is going to be located private contractors are already in the process of starting to build 8–12 padel courts. The padel center will also offer other types of sport activities, as well as a brand new gym. The plan is to have the padel center up and running after the summer 2022.

In all our exciting new expansions we always work in line with the United Nations sustainable development goals. This is to ensure we create places that will work not only today but for a long time to come.

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