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We can offer you courses in music, dance, art and theatre, photographing and handcraft.

Register for the autumn 2024

Here you register to Kulturskolan autumn 2024 External link.You will directly know if your child has got a place or not.

Hello and welcome to summer at Kulturskolan 2024!

How to Apply to the summer courses

To apply for the courses write an email to Maja Claesson. More info about applications are found below. Since we had so many apply last year we have decided that you can apply to 1 water colour course, we allow you to attend more if there are available spots. But students that haven’t attended a water colour course are first in line! It is therefore important to be write day and time you want to attend. The application must be made by a legal guardian.


For your application this year you have to include the following:

  1. Name your email Application sommarlovskulturskola – The students name
  2. Full name and personal number of the student
  3. What course the students wants to attend, write both day and time!
  4. Phone number and email address to the legal guardian applying.
  5. Phone number to the legal guardian we can reach during the workshop!

Schedule of the summer courses

Is below, under the information

If you can´t come

You must notify, the number you get in your confirmation email, if you cannot make it to the course you have applied for. This must be done at least 24 hours before the course start time! This is so that other children might be able to attend the course!

When do I know if I can go to a summer course

For courses week 25 we are going to confirm your place on friday the 17th of june
For courses week 26 we are going to confirm your place on friday the 21 of june
For courses week 27 we are going to confirm your place on friday the 28th of june

It’s going to be a lot of fun to see you all! I hope to see you all soon!

Schedule of the summer courses

Aktiviteter vecka 25

Week 25ActivityAge
Wednesday June 19

9.00-11.15Acrylic painting13+


Acrylic painting


13.30-14.30Watercolour painting6-7
14.45-15.45Watercolour painting8-12


Thursday June 20

9.00-10.30Acrylic painting8-12
10.45-11.45Watercolour painting13+
12.30-13.30Watercolour painting8-12
15.00-16.00Cross stitch8-12
16.15-17.15Weave Ribbon8-12

Aktiviteter vecka 26

Week 26ActivityAge
Monday June 24

9.00-10.30Free embroidery13+


Metal Wire


Tuesday June 25

9.00-10.30Acrylic painting8-12
13.00-14.00Watercolour painting8-12
Wednesday June 26

9.00-10.30Free embroidery9-12
10.45-12.15Weave Ribbon13+
13.00-14.00Weave Ribbon8-12
14.30-16.30Pattern creation10+
Thursday June 27

13.00-14.00Watercolour painting8-12

Watercolour painting

Friday June 28

9.00-10.30Free embroidery9-12
10.45-12.15Cross stitch13+
13.00-14.00Cross stitch8-12

Aktiviteter vecka 27

Week 27ActivityAge
Monday July 1

9.00-10.30Drawing technique8-12




13.00-14.00Watercolour painting8-12
Tuesday July 2

9.00-10.30Acrylic painting8-12
10.45-12.15Drawing technique13+
13.00-14.00Cross stitch8-12
14.30-16.30Pattern creation10+
Wednesday July 3


Watercolour painting

Thursday July 4

9.00-10.30Free emboridery13+


12.30-13.30Watercolour painting10+

Everyone can learn

Everyone can learn, whatever their skills and background, and the courses we provide offer comprehensive training. We aim to offer something from everyone, with programmes for all levels of aptitude.

Songs for the Kulturskolan Spotify list are compiled in one room, while others play host to rehearsals for the next musical theatre performance and preparations for a forthcoming exhibition. Meanwhile, on the bottom floor, the string orchestra is practicing for a concert and children's laughter can be heard from the dance room during a ballet lesson.

Focus on fun

We believe the joy of learning, performing and collaborating is especially important, as well as creating a sense of belonging. You can meet new friends here and put on large or small performances, exhibitions and shows working together. With this in mind, we strive to ensure children and young people play together in groups as much as possible.

Apply to Kulturskolan

In order to attend the music school you must complete a registration form and send it to us. Applications will be processed in the order they are received.


The municipality provides large subsidies to Kulturskolan, however, this does not cover the full cost of your course. This is why we charge a fee for attending Kulturskolan. The fees charged by Älmhult Municipality are substantially lower than in many other local authorities, and this is because the decision makers in Älmhult believe in the importance of Kulturskolan.

How much does it cost to attend?

All prices stated are per child and term. The sibling discount applies only to subject courses.

  • We have free courses in photographing, handcraft and choir singing
  • All other courses cost SEK 700 per term
  • Instrument rental cost SEK 300 per term

Sibling discount (subject courses only)

  • Child 1: SEK 700
  • Child 2: SEK 525
  • Child 3: SEK 350

Invoices from Kulturskolan

Invoices will be sent once every term. If your invoice is incorrect in any way, you must get in touch with us before it is due for payment.

Please contact us at:

Our courses

String instruments

  • Violin (from grade 1)
  • Cello (from grade 1)
  • Double bass (from grade 3)

Woodwind instruments

  • Recorder (from grade 2)
  • Flute (from grade 3)
  • Clarinet (from grade 3)
  • Saxophone (from grade 3)

Brass instruments

  • Trumpet (from grade 3)
  • Trombone (from grade 3)
  • Tenor horn (from grade 3)
  • Tuba (from grade 3)
  • Cornet (from grade 3)

Keyboard instruments

  • Piano (from grade 3)

String instruments

  • Electric guitar (from grade 3)
  • Acoustic guitar (from grade 3)
  • Electric bass (from grade 3)

Percussion instruments

  • Drums (from grade 3)
  • Samba orchestra (minimum of 10 students required to run)

Other courses within music

  • Chorus (grade 3-5)
  • Musical production (grade 3)
  • Music ensemble for children with disabilities (from 6 years)
  • Music group, we play instruments, the course is for children with disabilities (from grade 7). If you have a children with disabilities of course she or he can apply for other courses than the one mentioned.


  • Ballet (from 4 years)
  • Street dance (from grade 3)
  • Indian dance (classic, modern) (from 4 years)


  • Theatre, show (from grade 2)

Art, photo and handcraft

  • Art (from the age of 10 and above)
  • Photo (from grade 4)
  • Handcraft (different ages)

About Kulturskolan

In this time we are living in, Kulturskolan is even more important. Everyone needs a place where you can create, learn through play, develop, express yourself and discover new things. Kulturskolan is also a place for new encounters.

When you leave Kulturskolan we want you to bring something positive that you, in different ways, will make use of in life. Perhaps a hobby for life or be able to go on to higher studies. In our Kulturskola we love diversity and will adapt the education after your circumstances as far as possible.

Kulturskolan in Älmhult is part of the municipality's activity and the municipality is very positive to give children and youths meaningful cultural activities.

Good to know

  • At least 22 tuition opportunities are included per term. In this performances and plays are included.
  • You can rent the following instruments: violin, cello, trombone, horn, clarinet and saxophone.
  • The tuitions are mostly 20 minutes each week, during or after schooltime. After schooltime the tuition take place at Kulturskolan or in locals adapted for the activity. The schedule for group lessons can vary.


At Kulturskolan we want to be approachable for all children in the municipality, not only for those actively applying to us and our courses. That is why we work in parallel with our subject course activities in different projects.

Contact Kulturskolan

Jennie Winquist, activity manager

Maja Claesson, art teacher

Emil Engström, brass teacher (brass, recorder)

Rupa Pal, dance teacher, indian dance

Michelle Pan, dance- and piano teacher (not indian dance)

Beatrice Engman, photo teacher


Patrik Bernstein, guitar-, electric guitar-, bass- and drums teacher and teacher in music production

Åsa Thorsén Mogensen, rhythmics teacher and drama/music teacher for children and youths with disabilities

Lars-Erik Sundell, string teacher

Ingela Widén, theatre teacher

Tobias Sandén, woodwind- and song teacher

Jennie Winquist, all-round teacher

Postal address

Älmhults Kulturskola
Skolgatan 1
343 32 Älmhult

Visitor address

Blohméhuset (same house as the library)
Skolgatan 1, Älmhult External link.Folkets hus

Skolgatan 18, Älmhult External link.

Instrument rental

According to agreement with teacher

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