Article published 28 February 2024

Greetings from The International school of Älmhult

Texten IB MYP Personal Project

We would like to invite you to the personal project exhibition by the MYP 5 students on 1st March. The exhibition is open to students between 9:00-12:00 and 13:00-15:00 and parents from 16:00-18:00.

This exhibition is a celebration of our MYP 5 students’ dedication, creativity and innovation.

Lifelong learners

It is a student-centered project in which students explore an area of personal interest over an extended period of around 8 months. It provides them the opportunity to consolidate their learning and develop important skills they’ll need in both further education and life beyond the classroom. It also helps them develop confidence to become principled, lifelong learners and demonstrate their understanding of MYP core concepts such as international-mindedness, communication, and reflection and skills like time management, critical thinking, and communication.

Ready to present

During the process the students investigated and researched on a topic of their choice in order to create a product to demonstrate what they have learned. The way to their final product was not easy and they had to face ups and downs before they could end their journey. Writing the report, using ATL skills such as planning, applying skills and reflecting and keeping track of their work using their very own Personal Project Journal-all these were and (still are) challenges that the students have mastered during this unique experiment. We proudly announce that this journey is almost nearing its end, and the students are ready to present their hard work to their peers, parents and members of their community in the 2024 Personal Project Exhibition.

Each student will have their own little exhibition where they will show and explain their products. This year’s projects include some of the following products and more.

Besides the exhibition, the personal project formally assesses students’ approaches to learning (ATL) skills for self-management, research, communication, critical and creative thinking, and collaboration.

Students complete three elements:

  1. product or outcome—evidence of tangible or intangible results: what the student was aiming to achieve or create
  2. process journal—ideas, criteria, developments, challenges, plans, research, possible solutions and progress reports
  3. report—an account of the project and its impact, to a structure that follows the assessment criteria. The report includes a bibliography and evidence from the process journal that documents students’ development and achievements.

The feedback from you will be of utmost value for their process journal and report writing.