About Älmhult

We are delighted to be able to say: welcome home to Älmhult Municipality - the municipality that’s constantly growing and developing! Älmhult is a place in both Småland Province and the world – it is idyllic, international and exciting. Älmhult is the heart of the IKEA company and a safe place to live in.

Where is Älmhult?

About 18 000 people from all over the world live in the municipality, but during the daytime we also have more than 3 500 people who commute to Älmhult each day to work.

Älmhult Municipality is growing, and we're happy that more people are coming to live here. Our goal is that the population will increase to 20 000 inhabitants in the future. As the number of inhabitants grows, services and amenities also expand for everyone who lives here. That's why we're working to constantly make our municipality a better place to live, reside and work in.

Facts about Älmhult


About 18 000 residents


978 km²

Distance to major cities

Växjö 61 km
Malmö 138 km
Gothenburg 238 km
Stockholm 490 km
Copenhagen 182 km

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