Life at ISÄ

At the International School of Älmhult, we offer the EYP, PYP and MYP Programmes. From Autumn 2017, the DP Programme is offered at Haganäs.

Our programmes have gone through the rigorous IB authorisation process and they are reviewed and evaluated every fifth year.

We employ qualified teachers and they all receive appropriate IB qualification.

ISÄ Organisational Structure

The School organization chart clarifies who is responsible for certain areas in the school and who you should turn to for specific question.

The Head of School overseas the whole school and the Deputy Head is in charge over the Fritids team and the EYP team. The PYP coordinator leads the PYP team and the MYP coordinator leads the MYP team. The SWT coordinator leads the Student Welfare team. Together they form the Pedagogic Leadership Team (PLT). The class-teachers and mentors are usually the first contact for parents and students. Administration looks after all admissions and initially handles contact with applying teachers. The ICT coordinator leads the pedagogic development within IT, as well as maintain IT hardwares.

School Calendar 2022-2023

Autumn term - 17th August, 2022 to 21th December, 2022


  • 17th of August 2022 – School starts
  • 17th of August 2022 – School closes at 15:00


  • 14th of September 2022 – Planning day (School closed, Fritids open)
  • 27th of September 2022 – School closes at 15:30


  • 31st of October 2022 – Autumn break


  • 1st of November 2022 - 4th of November 2022 - Autumn break
  • 8th of November 2022 – School closes at 15:30
  • 17th of November 2022 – Planning day (Whole school closed)


  • 13th of December 2022 – School closes at 15:30
  • 22nd of December 2022 – Winter break starts

Spring term - 11th January, 2023 to 16th June, 2023


  • 9th of January 2023 – Planning day (Whole school closed)
  • 10th of January 2023 – Planning day (School closed, Fritids open)
  • 11th of January 2023 – Winter break finish and school starts again
  • 24th of January 2023 – School closes at 15:30


  • 1st of February 2023 – Planning day (School closed, Fritids open)
  • 20th of February 2023 – 26th of February 2023 - Sport break


  • 7th of March 2023 – School closes at 15:30
  • 10th of March 2023 – Planning day (Whole school closed)


  • 3rd of April 2023 – 10th of April 2023 – Easter break
  • 18th of April 2023 – School closes at 15:30


  • 1st of May 2023 – Labour day (School closed, Red day)
  • 18th of May 2023 – 19th of May 2023 – Ascension day (School closed, Red days)
  • 30th of May 2023 – school closes at 15:30


  • 6th of June 2023 – Swedish national day (School closed, Red day)
  • 16th of June 2023 – Last day of school for students!


  • Autumn break: Week 44, 31st of October 2022 – 4th of November 2022
  • Winter break: Week 51, 22nd of December 2022 – 11th January 2023
  • Sports break: Week 8, 20th of February 2023 – 26th of February 2023
  • Easter break: Week 14, 3rd of April 2023 – 10th of April 2023
  • Summer break: From week 25.

Student welfare

Support for Learning

The International School of Älmhult (ISÄ) is an inclusive community within the public school system of Älmhult kommun. At ISÄ all students receive the support they need to become independent and engaged learners. Students feel valued for their contributions and engage purposefully in learning through personalized, differentiated and responsive teaching.

Our inclusive admission policy creates an atmosphere of diverse learners, each with a range of experiences on their learning journey. We believe in working proactively and preventatively in order to ensure that the care and support offered throughout the school is open to all and is integrated into our learning and teaching practice. Each student should feel empowered to actively engage in their learning. Through student agency, students are supported in understanding and expressing who they are, while celebrating for their unique cultural and personal voice.

Support for Learning at ISÄ enables all students to access education to their own ability, while being collaboratively supported by all involved. ISÄ students are supported by specialists and caring educators who identify and support individual needs. These needs may include students acquiring English language support, as well as students with additional educational requirements, together with students who require social emotional support.

At ISÄ there is a Student Welfare Team which is comprised of the Head of School, Deputy Heads for EYP, PYP and MYP, school nurses, special pedagogues and school counsellors. The school is supported by a central welfare team in the municipality that offers access to a school doctor, psychologists, ICT pedagogues and special pedagogues. These teams work to implement preventative and proactive policies for student support as well as providing guidance and support to teachers related to specific student cases.

ISÄ encourages families to collaborate and share as much information as possible when joining or already in the school in order to make sure that every student we admit is set up for success.

English Language Learners

Students are admitted to ISÄ irrespective of their knowledge of and experience with the English language, as long as they meet the admission criteria. We provide English language learners (ELL) support to address the needs of students from limited or non-English speaking backgrounds who are still in the process of developing interpersonal and academic English language skills. The goal of the ELL programme is to facilitate English language learning so that as soon as possible these students can operate independently, within the general classroom, at a level that reflects their age and ability.

Social And Emotional Growth

A student's social and emotional well-being is linked to all aspects of their experience at school and beyond. It encompasses their cognitive, emotional, and social health and development. It contributes to an understanding of self, to developing and maintaining relationships with others, and to participation in an active, healthy lifestyle.

ISÄ works actively to support students in having a balanced and healthy social emotional wellbeing. School counsellors support this work through collaboration with teachers and direct contact with students and families.

School Nurse

The main purpose of the school nurse is to promote health and to be part of the school's student welfare team.

The School Nurse works to promote health, prevent illness and to detect health risks to students at The International School of Älmhult at an early stage:

  • pupil welfare work
  • preventive health care
  • targeted health screening
  • assessment of medical problems
  • professional medical advice

There are two school nurses. Anne Olsson is responsible for students in A+B classes. Cecilia Nordstrand is responsible for students in C classes. You can find contact info below.

Caroline Andersson, PYP (starts september 19th 2022)

Cecilia Nordstrand, MYP

All students are offered:

Pupils 6 years old

  • A health talk, parents or significant other together with pupil
  • A check up of growth; height, weigt, eyesight and hearing

Pupils 8 years old

  • Vaccination against measles, mumps and rubella
  • A check up of height and weight

Pupils 10 years old

  • A health talk, and a check up of growth; height, weight and eyesight
  • Scoliosis screening

Students 11 years old

  • Vaccination against HPV, Humane Papillom Viruse, 2 doses

Students 12 years old

  • A check up of height, weight and Scoliosis screening

Students 14 years old

  • A health talk, a check up of growth; height, weight and eyesight, screening for scoliosis and color vision.

Before vaccination we ask for a permission.

The School Health Care is voluntary.

School health care goals:

  • to monitor pupil's overall progress
  • to protect and enhance students' mental and physical health
  • to ensure students' right to seek health care at school
  • to provide self-care advice
  • to work for a good working environment for students
    student talks in various forms is the main task

The school doctor and the school nurse have the strictest form of confidentiality, which means that they must not reveal any information of a personal nature, without the consent of the student or parents.
Good health is not just absence of disease but also a feeling of being healthy, able to handle life's challenges, feel the meaningfulness of life and to feel needed. (WHO, definition of health)

Many factors affect how you feel, for example regular meals, sleep and physical activity. Good health is something that you yourself can create.
Our health is in direct proportion to how we treat our bodies — how we eat, sleep and exercise, how we thrive.

You will live in your body for the rest of your life! Listen to your body's signals!

The municipality has signed an accident insurance which is in force around the clock for all students who are living in the municipality of Älmhult. Students living outside the municipality are insured during school hours and on their travels to and from school.

Wellbeing and Equal Treatment Plan 2022-2023

Wellbeing and Equal Treatment Plan 2022-2023 Pdf, 454.7 kB.

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