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The International School of Älmhult is registered with the Swedish School Inspectorate to offer the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP), including Early Years (EYP), and Middle Years Programme (MYP) to children from the age 1 to 16.

It is also a communal school. This means that the school is funded by the municipality and that its PYP 1-MYP 5 is free of charge. Charges can be applicable for the preschool and extra-curriculum Fritids programme.

Applications are accepted throughout the year if one of the admission criteria is met. Offered places are subject to the number of available places in the respective grade – otherwise the pupil will be placed in our waiting pool.

Pupils are placed based on their age in the given class. An exception is regarding admission to MYP 5: in case of no previous IB experience, a pupil will be placed in MYP 4 instead.

How to apply?

Applications can be submitted via email or post (Handelsvägen 11, Älmhult). The application form must be filled in complete and accurate. A spot can be revoked if ISÄ discovers any missing, false or incorrect information in the application form. You can find the admission forms further down this page, please read the criteria before submitting.

When applying for specifically Fritids and preschool, it is crucial to apply both to ISÄ as to the municipality of Älmhult. This can be done online or by visiting the municipality building.

Apply for preschool and Fritids to the municipality of Älmhult External link.

The criteria for admission

One of the following admission criteria need to be met, in order to be enrolled at The International School of Älmhult (ISÄ).

  • Pupils in international families moving to Älmhult and staying for a limited time.
  • Pupils in families moving to Älmhult or the region who have attended an International School abroad for a major part of their education and therefore have a reason to complete his/her education in an International School.
    Having attended an International Preschool is not a given condition to be enrolled.
  • Pupils living permanently in Älmhult or the region who in the near future will continue their education in an International School abroad.
  • Pupils from a home in which English is the language spoken by one or both parents and who have sufficient knowledge of the language to participate in classes (Pupils need, by law, to be able to speak enough English to follow the lessons. This is not a criterion for pupils starting the pre-school).

Additionally, pupils living outside of Älmhult’s municipality need to get permission from the residing municipality.

Having a sibling enrolled, it is not given that a pupil will be enrolled at ISÄ. The admission criteria will still need to be met.

Documents to be submitted

The following documents need to be submitted along the application form:

  • Previous report cards
  • Vaccination report card
  • Proof your child(ren) meets one of our admission criteria


EYP 3 to PYP 1

Guardians need to re-apply to ISÄ and pupils need to meet the admission criteria to be enrolled for PYP 1.

PYP 5 to MYP 1

Pupils enroll automatically at the beginning of the next academic year.

MYP 2 to MYP 3

Guardians merely need to inform the municipality by responding to the letter/email that they receive from the municipality. If done so, pupils are automatically enrolled to MYP 3.

Admission Forms

Download and save the PDF document to be able to digitally fill-in the details.

Applications for admissions are closed from 17th of June 2022 till 2nd of August 2022.

After MYP

To find out more about application to highschool, you can contact our Study and Career Guidance Councellor (SYV) anna.frisk@almhult.seAfter MYP 5, students can apply to PreDP, DP or Swedish National Programs.

Applying to Swedish Highschools and National Programs: 

Students within the IB system in Sweden have foreign grades and therefore will apply with so called "fri kvot" when applying to a Swedish National Program. To be eligable, students need a passing grade from Swedish Language Aquisition, Proficericy Level phase 4. Other than that, students will be eligable if they have a passing grade in at least math, english and 5 other subjects when applying to a vocational program and math, english and 9 other subjects when applying to a study preperatory program. ISÄ will convert the foreign grades in the beginning of June  in order for them to be equalent to Swedish gredes. If you want to know more, visit or get in touch with the study and Career Guidance External link.

PreDiploma Program and Diploma Program

PreDP (PreDiploma Program) is a preperatory year for DP (Diploma Program). 

  • When applying to PreDP: Students apply after MYP5 and students need to apply with the Swedish highschool admission program, Dexter. Students also take a placement test, to see what level the student is at. 
  • When applying to DP: How students apply is different depending on what schools students apply to.  Applicants will also need to take an entrance test in math and english in connection to the application. For more information on how to apply, get in touch with the Study and Career Guidance Councellor. 

ISÄ do the following to help students in the process:

  • Parent meeting with information about highschool in autumn. 
  • Individual meetings with the students in MYP5
  • In - class information for MYP5
  • Parents and students can book meetings with the Study and Career Guidance Cuncellor.

Information on how to apply to High School Pdf, 170.4 kB.

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