Contact The International School of Älmhult

Visit us at

Handelsvägen 11
343 33 Älmhult, Sweden

Write to us

Box 501
SE-343 23 Älmhult

School administration


Open between 7:30 AM-5:30PM

Email for all EYP

EYP Academic coordinator

Ann Castro Rava

Cherries and EYP1

+46 476 - 551 34

EYP2 and EYP3

+46 476 - 555 24

Fritids/after-school care

Open between 2:00 AM-6:00PM

Email for fritids/after-school care

PYP1 - Fritids

PYP2+3 - Fritids

PYP4+5 + MYP - Fritids


If you have any question you can contact our Librarian.

Anna Ahlberg, Librarian

Student welfare

PYP School counsellor

Sanne Anne Verdonk

MYP School counsellor

Shane Tastad

School Nurse


Pedagogical leadership team

Head of school

Maria Haglund

EYP and PYP1-Deputy head of school

Megan Renegård

PYP2-PYP5 and Fritids-Deputy head of school

Emelie Jönsson

PYP Coordinator

Lucas Intagliata

MYP-Deputy head of school

Alesi Bete


Ujjwala Bhatt

Feedback and complaints to us!

Do you have feedback, complaints, or praise? Your feedback is valuable for us to improve our operations.

If you have feedback on what's happening at or school, please first contact the teacher, educator, or other relevant staff. You can also send us an email at the school.

Thank you for your feedback!

Kontakta Servicecenter

Vi svarar på frågor om kommunens service och verksamhet, ring eller skicka e-post till servicecenter.

Open Closes at 4:00 PM
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