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IKEA Museum

- step backwards, forwards and straight on into our time

"At IKEA Museum you can read our story. From the start in Älmhult and beyond into the world. You will of course get to know IKEA and our furniture, but also the people behind everything. Here you can revel in design and nostalgia, look into the future, eat good food in the restaurant and buy unique gadgets in the shop."

In Älmhult we’re particularly proud to be able to offer you a visit to the IKEA Museum – the only one there is in the world. Naturally, it’s in Älmhult because this was where IKEA was born and where IKEA has its heart. The IKEA Museum has a completely new take on the story of IKEA and our home.

Spanning three floors, the museum is in the building dating from 1958 where the very first IKEA store opened about sixty years ago.There’s also a section entitled Space with changing exhibitions, reflecting a topic that’s attracting interest right now.

As well as the exhibitions, there’s a visit to the restaurant to look forward to. Of course they serve Swedish meatballs, with a modern touch, cooked from local ingredients. The museum shop with its range of vintage and completely unique products is well worth a visit too.

Find opening hours and more information at IKEAmuseum.com External link.

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