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Hiking in Älmhult

The nature of Älmhult is for many of our visitors the nearest wilderness. If you come from the south and have passed Skåne's cultivation landscape, the forest begins to take shape here, in the southern part of Småland. Thanks to the Småland Highlands, a lot of rain falls over Småland and much of this water is pouring south to end up reaching the sea. Therefore, there are many lakes and streams in the area, and Älmhult is no exception. In Älmhult municipality there are 12 nature reserves - one of them is Höö as seen in the aerial photo above. 

As you can see on the map above, the area Stenbrohult-Möckelsnäs is a real gem for nature-lovers. In addition, it is possible to experience the area by paddling, cycling or why not a combination of all three modes of travel.

In Älmhult tourist information and in Älmhult InfoPoints are these hiking- (and biking) suggestions collected in a brochure. You may also read it in a digital way by clicking here. Pdf, 8.4 MB. (Pdf, 8.4 MB)

If you want three personal tips on really nice excursions, they are featured below:

Make a daytrip to Åsnen national park.

It takes only 34 minutes to drive from Älmhult to Swedens newest national park, Åsnen. Åsnen is named a national park in 2018 for its unique archipelago landscpae, beeing in a lake. Places around the lake offers several nature activities and places for traditional Swedish "fika" (coffee break). This is a beautiful daytrip with Älmhult as starting point. Click here for more suggestions like this!

Experience our nature in more ways:

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