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Upptäck grannområdet Sagomuseet Växjö Huseby Åsnen Svarta bergen Lekoseum Smålandet

Click on the sights surrounding Älmhult in the map above.

Älmhult offers many sights, activities and beautiful sceneries! In combination with our neighbours Älmhult become even more intresting. Therefore we listed some options for daytrips suitable with Älmhult as a holiday base below...

Åsnen National park External link.

Time with car from Älmhult centre: 34 minutes to Ålshults Handelsbod and waffle cafe

Sweden's new national park, Åsnen, is only 35 minutes drive from Älmhult. The western entry to the National park is located at the so-called Trollberget, which is also a legendary place with a story of its own. Drive down to Ålshult for a waffle or lighter lunch in Ålshults Handelsbod. From there you can drive to Getnö with its nature camping and activities. Getnö is the perfect spot to rent a canoe or kayak to see the national park, right from the water. Drive to Urshult and take the road north through Lake Åsnen. Here are several sights and a beautiful landscape, often with elements of apple plantations. The main entrance to the national park is Bjurkärr and is worth a stop at the edible forest with its old oak trees. On the way back to Älmhult you can make a small detour past Huseby Bruk, worth a day trip in itself ...  

Smålandet Moose park External link.

Time with car from Älmhult centre: 34 minutes

Smålandet is a moose and bison park and a perfect daytrip from Älmhult if you like to see the king of the forest up close. You can drive your own car in the park or get on the safari train together with other curious people. It lives both adult and young animals in the park and they gladly say hello to the visitors. A little bit further into the park lives a giant bison and his family - very impessive to meet this close.

A traditional Swedish red cottage serves waffles to the visitors. Recently this was expanded and now the waffles are supplemented with ordinary lunch menues. There are seating both inside and outside. Next to the restaurant is the ticket and souvenir shop - perhaps you can guess what animal served as the model here...

Groups can prebook a cottage of their own for brought lunch or coffee. The restaurant also has a party floor that can be booked for conference or the family birthday dinner.


The Museum of Legends External link.

Time with car from Älmhult centre: 46 minutes

In Ljungby, at the very heart of the Land of Legends, you will find the Museum of Legends. It is an exciting and amusing museum both for children and adults.

At the museum you can experience a storytelling experience with an expert. If you prefer to stroll freely in the museum, it is built in an interesting and fun way for both young and old.

They have guided tours in Swedish, English and German.


Huseby External link.

Time with car from Älmhult centre: 30 minuter

Arriving in Huseby is like stepping back in time and entering a different world. Here, the waterwheels of the mill still spin, the general store sells old-fashioned cone-shaped bags filled with sweets, peacocks strut in the garden, and the maid sweeps the castle floors.

Here, time has stood still for some 100 years. Visitors can enter and experience the era where Joseph Stephens was patron of the ironworks, where horses worked together with the agricultural contract-workers, and everything belonged in a world of its own.

Huseby opens with an Easter market the weekend before Easter each year and end the season in November with the largest Christmas market in the Nordic countries. In between, a lot is happening at the ironworks.

During the period of June - August there is an entrance fee to the area.


Lekoseum External link.

Time with car from Älmhult centre: 21 minutes
Time with train from Älmhult: 11 minutes

"Lekoseum is a toy museum that has something to offer children and adults alike. Join us on a journey through Swedish toy history. See how colour and form has been used to stimulate children’s play and imagination. At Lekoseum there is also room to play with today’s toys and games."

Lekoseum is located right next to Osby train station, so it is handy to get here by train from Älmhult. Inside is a cafe and 50 meters away is the old office of BRIO toys that now hosts a toy store.

Black Mountains External link.

time with car from Älmhult centre: 26 minutes

Black Mountains is a perfect getaway for group trips, school classes and the ones curious of yesterdays way of life. The location's special atmosphere and beautiful views also provide relaxation and inspiration for all visitors.

This place is referred to as the world's largest quarry for black diabas, also called black granite. Diabas is a dark rock and is found in small concentrated stretches, often no more than 50-100 meters wide. This stretch is no more than 50 meters wide, which is clearly visible in this natural museum. However, it is longer instead and in "Black Mountains" the quarry is 900 meters long and 75 meters deep. Even in Älmhult municipality there are diabas streets, for example in Såganäs, right next to Linnaeus's Råshult.

In the Black Mountains you can get guided tours for small and large groups. There is an information room with seating for 50 seated guests in connection with serving both coffee and food. You can also buy souvenirs and books telling the importance of the stone industry for the local village.


Växjö - A city of good food External link.

Time with car from Älmhult centre: 55 minutes
Time with train from Älmhult: 45 minutes

Do you visit Älmhult for more than a few days and like to spoil yourself with taste experiences? Of course, you will not miss Älmhult's own WhiteGuide restaurant Brasserie Goaroije. Also, do not miss the opportunity to have a dinner or a glass of wine in the sunset at Sjöstugans Camping's outdoor seating or, for that matter, Möckelsnäs mansion's courtesy ...

When you have tried these beads, however, you should know the possibility of taking the train to Växjö, a 50-minute journey, to visit the region's flagship and Michelin guide restaurant PM & Vänner (PM and friends) who serve a taste experience in a Småland spirit.

In addition to this flagship that receives great awards for both the food and beverage expertise they possess, there are some Whiteguide restaurants close to PM. Firstly, there is PM & Friends own Bistro, which in itself holds a high class. Izakaya Moshi, a quick stroll from the station, serves "Japanese tapas". They call themselves for a Japanese pub. The dining room at Café de luxe is also a remarkable option for a momorable taste experience with the locally produced food in focus. 

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