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Bathing places

Welcome to one of our bathing places. Here you will find the ones that Älmhult municipality are responsible for. See the map below for a quick overview and more info.

The water quality is tested every season. If you want to see the latest results, click here and zoom in Älmhult on the map. Blue color is water ready for swimming. External link.

Badplats vid sjön Möcklen.


Big and family friendly with a shallow sand beach.

Bökhults badplats


Big bathing place right by the camping.

Diö badplats.


Nice bathing place in a tranquil environment.

Valje badplats i Virestad

Välje badplats

Big bathing place for the whole family. Nice shallow sand beach and a lot of areas for the kids to play on.

Sandörens badplats i Haradsbäck.

Sandören, Häradsbäck

Tranquil, small and cozy bathing place.

Vägla, Hallaryd

A nice, cozy and small bathing place in a lovely environment.

Ramnäs badplats


Big and cozy bathing place in a tranquil environment. Friendly for children with a shallow beach.


Small bathing place right by the river with a new nice sand beach.

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