Letter to the owners of holiday homes in Älmhult municipality

Dear cottage owners in Kronoberg County!

Unfortunately, in the last few weeks, we have an established social spread of the corona virus throughout Kronoberg County with almost 600 cases found. The assessment is that the spread of infection will increase in the coming weeks, so everyone must help and do their utmost not to risk spreading the infection to vulnerable people and groups.

Therefore, it is very important that we do not relax, but continue to follow
Public Health Authority's recommendations: stay at home with the slightest cold or flu symptoms, wash your hands frequently, keep away from others (even outdoors), be extra careful about the elderly and fragile and do not travel unnecessarily. It is important that we protect those who are most at risk of becoming seriously ill so that the burden of the local health care does not become too heavy.

Keep in mind that it is everyone's responsibility to help prevent the spread of infection!

The Swedish government has asked us not to travel for more than 1 to 2 hours from the place of residence, and not to travel at all unless it is absolutely necessary.

Unlike our neighboring countries, Sweden has not decided on a general ban on entering the country, but has appealed to everyone to show respect for the guidelines issued by our government and our authorities. If you still intend to visit us, we ask you to follow these rules and guidelines as far as possible.
• Avoid crowding in public places.
• Respect the demands of the Public Health Authority; wash your hands frequently
and carefully wash soap and warm water and spray your hands before and after visiting business or public places.
• Be sure to keep the distance of at least 2 meters to others. This is special
important when you visit, for example, shops and the like. In such places there are clear markings on the floor where to stand.

By showing respect for and following the authorities' recommendations, we can together help to reduce the spread of infection and help to normalize the situation as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and help! Together we can do this!

Best regards from the Governor of Kronoberg County and the Chairman of the Municipal Board in; Alvesta, Lessebo, Ljungby, Markaryd, Tingsryd, Uppvidinge, Växjö and Älmhult.

For more information see www.almhult.se/corona-enexternal link