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Småland food at its best

The lakes, the meadows and the forests are a larder in their own right. We’d like to share the best known local and traditional dishes.

Isterband - the national dish of Småland

In olden times, isterband sausage was an everyday staple in Småland but today it’s made its way to gourmet restaurants. It’s usually served fried, ideally with dill potatoes, pickled beetroot and lingonberry jam.

Lingonberry jam

The forests of Småland are packed with lingonberries – the red gold of the woods. They are boiled and turned into a jam that goes well with lots of different dishes.

Swedish cheesecake

Swedish cheesecake made from curds is a definitive item on the menu at a proper Småland party. In the past guests often brought cheesecake with them as their contribution. We eat it warm, often with cherry jam and lightly whipped cream.

Zander from lake Möckeln

Zander is a fish for a celebration and is found in Lake Möckeln where it can often be caught at dusk. Fried in butter, it’s served with all kinds of seasonal accompaniments.

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