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During the week, Älmhult has many inhabitants, of course thanks to the bigger employers found here. This means that Älmhult has many good options for a lunch. Below are some worth an extra mentioning.

You can find everything between the local hotdog and kebab place to menues with an international flavour to it. Älmhult is very international and composed with different cultures and due to this fact the demand for indian and Asian food are higher than usual. Vegan and vegetarian options is also to be find in our city centre, Muff is one of these worth an extra mentioning with its charismatic owner and chef. Next to Muff is sometimes Bruno's Italian pizza wagon located who serves wood-fire-baked pizzas in classic Italian style - also vegetarian with only the best ingredients. Keep an eye on his facebook profile for the wagons current location via the picture below.

A simple but perfect lunch experience is to be found at IKEA museum and its so called Kitchen. They interpret the original IKEA meatballs into new and often international versions. You may visit the restaurant without paying the entrance fee to their exhibitions - even though it would be a shame to miss them you made it this far...

A quick drive from the city centre, next to the golf club, is a restaurant in an old barn called Goaroije. It has barely enough seatings for the never ending crowd making the drive here despite only having a short lunch break. It is of course explained with a quality meal for a decent price in a pleasant place. The White guide classed Brasserie Goaroije in the city centre has sprang out of this "original Goaroije" which focus on daytime opening hours.

Where would you like to eat today?

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