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The world meets the best of Småland in Älmhult. Lakes and waterways invite you to go fishing, bathing, canoeing or kayaking. The forests and meadows offer balm for the soul and memorable views.

What happens in Älmhult today?

Welcome to Älmhult - we want you to feel at home

Älmhult is in Småland, in southern Sweden, not far from the northern border of Skåne. Set out to explore Älmhult and its surrounding villages and you’ll find our little corner of Småland has hidden treasures to discover and experiences to enjoy.

Älmhult - Home of the Home

We’ve laid out a rich smörgåsbord for you to sample and enjoy. Our municipality offers plenty of experiences to enjoy and adventures for the taking – the countryside, fishing, history, sights, shopping and – not to be forgotten – Småland cuisine. It’s also a place of contrasts – Älmhult is a melting pot for people from all around the world and it’s also an ideal spot to experience authentic Swedish Småland.

Today we are best known for being the birthplace of IKEA – Älmhult was where it all started for the company that is now the biggest home interiors business in the world. It was also here that the famous scientist Carl von Linné, known outside Sweden as Linnaeus, was born and spent his early life. Two people with ideas that left their mark on the entire globe.

There is a lot going on in Älmhult! People choose to move here and good things happen when different types of people gather. Perhaps that's why the municipality of Älmhult was named "The municipality of Growth, 2017" - the short film below shows what it's all about.

Eat well, sleep well and feel good with us in Älmhults municipality.

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Älmhult Tourist Information:

Stortorget 1, in the center of Älmhult.
Monday - Friday 8:00 - 16:00

Welcome for inspiration!

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