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Special Needs policy

Special Educational Needs Policy and Counselling

It is the policy of the school to assist with SEN when required. We have access to specialists within the district who can provide guidance for our staff as required, or who can provide help within the school for specific students. A local student health group exists. Heads of Schools may apply to this group for financial support to fund a SEN teacher assistant or provide money for the purchase of necessary resources to boost those of the school. The school has a counsellor and a school nurse who are available at the school half a day per week.

Language Needs

Where students arrive from overseas and need support in English the school provides a language support assistant. Funding for this is provided by IKEA. This support can be given on a one to one basis or in the case of pre-school children, within the pre-school classroom and under the guidance of the pre-school teachers. Naturally the class teacher of any student receiving language support is also closely involved in this process.

Assessment procedures are used to calculate the child´s development and linguistic competence before any further placement is carried out. This ensures that the student is working towards the correct targets for its year group but is placed in a year group according to his/her ability. The parents are also informed at regular intervals, during teacher/parent conferences, of their child´s development. Parents are expected to provide home support where additional practise is carried out after the end of the school day, and when the parents are able to do this.

Language Policy

In order to provide a nurturing environment for the multiplicity of languages of the student group the school has a detailed language policy. This policy clearly defines the school´s recognition of the different linguistic backgrounds and cultures of the student group. It also clearly supports the development of the student´s mother tongue and encourages parents to be pro-active in the development of this. The school is adjacent to the main library where resources in different languages can be borrowed on request.

Other Special Needs

Where a child with Special Needs, other than a need of support in English, joins the school the parents are requested to provide detailed documentation explaining the specific difficulty that the child has. These documents are then used to make an official application to the local educational authorities for the provision of a specially trained assistant.

The school most often has been able to manage the SEN of any student within the school using its own team of teachers.

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