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Terms of use

The children can borrow books when they have Library Time. The students can have their books at home for maximum 4 weeks. After that they will receive reminders. 

If a book gets lost or if it's damaged you will have to pay for a new one, the cost will be 150sek, if the book costs more to buy in the prize will be higher. The child can't borrow a new book until the old one has been paid for.


The children can have a book at home for 4 weeks, after that they will have to bring me the book and we can check it out again. This can be done 3 times before they have to return the book. If there is another child that wants the same book then I can't renew the date and the child will have to return the book to the library.

  • After 4 weeks a first reminder will be sent out (The child can either bring back the book or come in with the book and we renew the date).
  • A week after that a second reminder will be sent out.
  • A week after that a bill will be written. 
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