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Health and Safety

School Policies, Plans, Guidelines

At the International School of Älmhult we have a Crisis team, who updates the crisis folder and revises our routines in case of a crisis regularly. We also have a Health and Safety Team Pdf, 274.9 kB. (Pdf, 274.9 kB). The H&S-team does regular health and safety rounds, according to the regulations of the Swedish health and safety Authorities (AMV). They also initiate risk assessments throughout the year. The team is responsible for the fire prevention and our evacuation protocols. There are a minimum of 2 whole school fire-drills per school year.  Every time a new student or new teacher start, they are introduced to our procedure. The school get a yearly hygiene inspection and has all policy’s required to be able to maintain a hygienic environment for the students. (attached hygiene plan)

The school has established routines for how to follow up with incidents and accidents. (attach insurance link) 

At ISÄ we also work actively to prevent bullying, harassments and discrimination. We create a yearly Equal Treatment Plan Pdf, 479.2 kB, opens in new window. (Pdf, 479.2 kB), based on the current situation in the school.  This is assessed yearly though student surveys. (Skolbaromentern, etc.) All staff in the school are obliged to work actively to create a safe environment both socially and physically. We have an always act policy and aim to investigate and involve class-teachers/mentors and parents at an early stage. We also have a We Care team, who meets to plan our proactive and preventive work to create a safer school.

Every year we involve our students in creating new school rules or Essential Agreements Word, 168.8 kB, opens in new window. (Word, 168.8 kB). These are made both for the class-room and for the whole school. We think that it’s important for the students to be involved in the process, since it creates an ownership and an understanding of their rights and responsibilities.

The school has an IT-group, and they are currently in the process of creating an IT policy, which will contain our plan for internet safety. 

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