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Request for adjust the timings of local BUS with the train timings in mornings and evenings

I will this week move to my new house in Hagabo .My husband travels daily to malmö for work and I also go quite often.We and around 1520 person and some 67international school kids who are living in Hagabo area travel every morning to Malmö.

Älmhult town has expanded and it has become a necessity now that local bus service is connected with the commuter train timings .As every morning I see so many cars driving towards station just to drop their family members and kids as the bus service time is not linked with train time ! This is not good for environment as well. Having bus connections with atleast the connections most used in mornings like 6:50 train,7:11 and 7:50 train and the same in evenings
starting with 17:03,15:50,18:03 .This would make life so conventient as I have listened to some families thinking of buying 2nd car /vehicle to address this challenge. Would really appreciate your attention and action on this .

Förslaget är skickat till utvecklingsenheten för handläggning.

Svar från utvecklingsenheten 2018-04-04:

Thank you for your suggestion. The connections and timetables between the citybus ande the trains is handled by our region and ”Länstrafiken”. They do their best to make it function as smoothly as possible. We will take this question up with the planner at ”Länstrafiken” and se if some of the more critical connection times can be adjusted to better suit the needs.

Paul Robertsson, utvecklingschef

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