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Formula 1 in the center of Älmhult

Sorry I'm not still enaugh good in swedish. In the last years and expecially starting from this summer the number of noisy cars is increasing terribly. The phenomenon is particularly high during the weekends (friday and saturday night).

Outlaw and old cars passing in the night through the city centrum accelerating and making VERY IRRITATING noises without any repsect for the citizens living there. Expecially between the kommunhus and the rondelle when the gupps finish, the outlaws and irritating cars start to accelerate terribly making
noise. Although if there are already many gupps in the main street I propose to add another plastic one in the middle between the kommunhus and the
rondelle where I live and my small son sleeps in the room facing on the street..
Or maybe find another solution to limitate the noisy cars.

Förslaget är skickat till tekniska förvaltningen för handläggning.

Svar från tekniska förvaltningen 2018-09-13:

After the rebuild of this central street and the construction of the Haganäsled we have managed to reduce the amount of traffic on the street and especially the heavy goods vehicles. We are happy with the results but also aware that it´s very hard to reduce the amount of traffic making noises on the street to non-existing. We will not add any plastic speed limitations to the street as they are a very temporary solution that doesn’t work well with the machines that we use to operate the street.

Emelie Lindholm, gatuingenjör


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