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Art project

Really appreciated that you are doing very wonderful things in and around Älmhult.

It's very impressive that there are boards with some messages in many different languages in the middle of the roundabout near IKEA of Sweden AB, Tulpanvägen 8, 343 34 Älmhult.

Älmhult is known as a city where many people live with different nationalities including Indians.

To be able to show diversity and inclusiveness towards Indians, could you also consider placing such boards in Hindi language, which is spoken by most of the Indians?

Förslaget är skickat till tekniska förvaltningen för handläggning.


I am glad that you like the signs in different languages close to IKEA of Sweden.

This roundabout as well as the roundabout closer to central Älmhult with flags from different countries is part of an art project that was made when we built this new road. This art project is now closed and at the moment we have o plans to make more similar signs.

But thank you for your feedback, we will keep this in mind in case we have more similar projects.

Best Regards Emelie Lindholm, Gatuingenjör

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