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Älmhult is in Småland, in southern Sweden, not far from the northern border of Skåne. Set out to explore Älmhult and its surrounding villages and you’ll find our little corner of Småland has hidden treasures to discover and experiences to enjoy.

Tourist information

On this page you can find a diversity of things to do and experience in Älmhult written in english. You can find even more information if you translate the Swedish pages.

Welcome to Älmhult - we want you to feel at home

We've laid out a rich smörgåsbord for you to sample and enjoy. Our municipality offers plenty of experiences to enjoy and adventures for the taking – the countryside, fishing, history, sights, shopping and – not to be forgotten – Småland cuisine. It's also a place of contrasts – Älmhult is a melting pot for people from all around the world and it’s also an ideal spot to experience authentic Swedish Småland.

Today we are best known for being the birthplace of IKEA – Älmhult was where it all started for the company that is now the biggest home interiors business in the world. It was also here that the famous scientist Carl von Linné, known outside Sweden as Linnaeus, was born and spent his early life. Two people with ideas that left their mark on the entire globe.

There is a lot going on in Älmhult! People choose to move here and good things happen when different types of people gather. Perhaps that's why the municipality of Älmhult was named "The municipality of Growth, 2017". Eat well, sleep well and feel good with us in Älmhults municipality!

Älmhult Tourist Information

At the Älmhult tourist Information, which is open all year round, you can get all the help and information you need about the local area and region.

The tourist information sells fishing-licences, maps, stamps and some postcards. You can also use our computer to search for information on the internet. Of course we also have maps and brochures to many sights and activities for free. You'll find us at Stortorget 1 in Älmhult - welcome!

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  • Monday 23 January 8:00 AM–4:00 PM
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Postal address

Box 500, 343 23 Älmhult

Älmhult InfoPoints

Älmhult InfoPoints are certified by Älmhult tourist office. The purpose of these InfoPoints are to make information and inspiration about things to do in Älmhult more available for you as a visitor.


Here you'll find contact information to different services.


Apotek Hjärtat

Kronans apotek


Länstrafiken Kronoberg


Local regional train

Länstrafiken Kronoberg External link.

High speed train

SJ - Statens Järnvägar External link.


Lifejackets can be borrowed at the Tourist information.

LPG-gas - Handelsboden i Häradsbäck

Bicycle repair

Cykelservice i Älmhult



Police station

Travel agency


Fire station

Medical care

+46 1177

Achima Care

Kry Vårdcentral

Doctor on jour

With medical issues during evenings and weekends, contact "doctor on jour" in Ljungby.

0372-58 51 00

SOS-Alarm (emergencies: fire, crime, health, life)



Älmhultsbygdens Taxi AB


ICA Maxi

Town hall

Library in Älmhult

Train station

Waste facilities

Liatorps återvinningscentral

Äskya återvinningscentral, Älmhult


Möckelns Veterinärklinik

Älmhults Veterinärklinik


Ambulatory veterinarian who comes to the customer.

Animalix Älmhult (Vet visits now and then)

Shopping in Älmhult

Whether you like shopping in cosy farm shops, on the high street or in a retail park, you can get practically everything here in Älmhult. The town centre boasts little local shops, while the retail area includes IKEA and the IKEA second-hand shop, Cirkulärbutiken, selling products that have been scratched or damaged packaging at a lower price.

Throughout the municipality you'll find crafts, farm shops, antique shops and second-hand shops. In late summer and autumn local food is also on sale in the square in the town centre, with local growers and food producers selling their fresh produce straight from the farm.

Älmhults center

The main street of Norra Esplanaden offers a small town city centre and nice shopping and cafés combined.


The IKEA store in Älmhult is a "Full collection IKEA". Since a lot of the product development and central administration has offices in Älmhult this IKEA store is often the arena for trying new concepts and product communication.

Älmhults handelsplats

Älmhults handelsplats is the name of the place where IKEA is located. It is next to road 23 and within walking distance from Älmhult station and main square, with about 15 minutes walking. Here is everything between building material stores, grocery stores, fast food restaurants, pet store, shoe store and outlets. An option for walking here is bus number 1 that runs between the centre of Älmhult and Älmhults Handelsplats. It departures two times every hour from Älmhult bus station.

Travel to Älmhult

Älmhult is located in the south west corner of Småland and is easy to reach by car or train.


Älmhult is on the main railway network with over 70 passenger trains stopping here every day. By train you can easily come to Älmhult. It is about 2 hours from Copenhagen Airport, 1 hour from Smalands Airport in Växjö and 3 hours from Stockholm and Gothenburg. Älmhult train station lies in the central parts and is directly connected to the city center and IKEA Museum.


Länstrafiken Kronoberg is part of Region Kronoberg and are responsible for all public transportation with in Kronoberg County.

In Älmhult there are four city buses. See the timetables here:


Right of Public Access

The Right of Public Access is a privilege in Sweden. It allows everyone to move freely in the countryside of Sweden as well as it includes many obligations that you have to respect while doing so. Inform yourself below and in the link with related information.

You must observe the following prohibitions:

  • You may not trespass on someone else's land! 'Land' is considered the area around a dwelling house or similar, that the owner considers he needs to enjoy his own privacy.
  • You are not allowed to light a fire if there is a risk of it spreading! It is also forbidden to light a fire on flat rocks and other places that can suffer permanent damage!
  • You may not pick any flowers, berries or mushrooms on someone's private land.
  • You may not pick any protected flowers.
  • Do not damage or cut down living trees or bushes! You are not allowed to remove twigs, branches, bark, resin, leaves, acorns or nuts from living trees and bushes.
  • Do not walk over fields that are newly sown or have crops growing on them!
  • Make sure that you close all gates and climb over fences in such a way that no damage is done or cattle let loose!
  • Normally you cannot camp for more than one night at the same site without permission from the land-owner. Groups of people always need permission from the land-owner, except at designated camp-sites.
  • You are not allowed to park or drive a motor vehicle on the side of the road if there is a risk of damaging the roadside! You may not drive a motor vehicle on a private road that is closed to the public!
  • You may not bathe, land or tie up your boat or canoe on someone else's land or pier if by doing so you interfere with the owner's use of them!
  • You must particularly respect areas of special access prohibitions, such as bird sanctuaries and places where it is for- bidden to go ashore.
  • Do not litter the countryside with waste! You may not in any way pollute the countryside!
  • Fishing in someone else's water without his permission is not allowed. It is your responsibility to know the local fishing regulations.
  • Taking bird's eggs, bird's nests or young birds is not allowed.
  • You are not allowed to hunt without the permission of the landowner or the owner of the shooting rights.

Read more about the Right of Public Access External link.

Brochures and maps

On you can find information about scenic areas and experiences in Älmhult municipality. on the web follows your general language setting in the browser and if you prefer to read in English, Älmhult's nature map will be displayed in this language automatically. In the app, you must manually set your preferred language.

The Nature Map External link.

Bild på Älmhults turistbroschyr

Welcome to Älmhult - tourist brochure

With this brochure we want to inspire you to explore Älmhult.

Download Welcome brochure Pdf, 2.2 MB.

Bild på Älmhults cykla- och vandrabroschyr

Cycling and hiking in Älmhult

Read descriptions and see maps of a few of our cycling and hiking trails.

Download Cycling and hiking brochure Pdf, 3.1 MB.

Bild på Älmhults kartbroschyr

Map of Älmhult

Map of Älmhult (urban area)

Download Map of Älmhult External link.

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