Technology Programme - Year 4

Orientations: Design & Product Development

Are you interested in technology and training that the will prepare you for the world of work? If so, we can offer you Year 4 of the Technology Programme - Design & Product Development Orientation.

The programme is designed for those wanting to continue for a further year at Gymnasium to gain an education that will lead to major possibilities for obtaining work right after finishing studies. The fourth year is based on a substantial commitment by the business community, and a third of the course takes place on site at companies. This offers you major opportunities for obtaining work right after finishing studies, but also a way of more easily meeting the demands of an engineering degree course.

The course is a certified and quality-assured Technology College programme.

Qualification from the Technology Programme or equivalent. You must begin your studies no later than in the calendar year in which you attain the age of 22 years.

Orientation: Design & Product Development
In this course, you will learn how to create and develop new products. You will get to plan and develop new solutions by applying your knowledge and skills in the field of technology.

What career options will you have?
On completion of your studies, you will obtain a Gymnasium engineering qualification and will be able to start out on your career path right away or continue to study at a institute of higher education. Examples of jobs on completion of studies:  engineer, project manager, production technician, supervisor or product developer.

Course plans
T4PDF (pdf, 14.6 kB)