Technology Programme

Orientations: Design & Product Development; Information & Media Technology

Do you want to work in problem solving and technology development? If you do, the Technology Programme may be for you. In the course, you will practise how to think along new lines with the needs of the future in mind, and learn how to develop technology that will contribute to a long-term sustainable society.

The Technology Programme is a programme leading to eligibility for higher education studies and is aimed at those wishing to work in technology. The course highlights the roll of technology in the interaction between man and society. You will also read subjects that are studied in all lines of Gymnasium (upper secondary school); English, history, sport & health, natural science, social studies and Swedish.

We work closely with IKEA and other companies in the municipality, and so you may be able to benefit from two weeks’ work experience and projects linked to their operations. This is a three-year course, but after your third year you can opt to study for a fourth year, known as TE4. In February 2017, Haganässkolan was approved as a Technology College, which raises the standing of the course and creates a platform for cooperation between education and business.

Orientation: Design & Product Development
In this course, you will learn how to create and develop new products. You will get to plan and develop new solutions by applying your knowledge and skills in the field of technology.

Orientation: Information & Media Technology
Information & Media Technology focuses on programming, website development and computer technology. You will learn how to program electrical circuits, create standard computer programs, build websites and plan and build networks for home and business.

Gymnasium project
In Year 3, you have to carry out independently a Gymnasium project to prepare for higher education studies in the field of technology. For this, you will have to formulate an issue and plan, execute and evaluate a major project based on the central areas of knowledge in the programme.

What career options will you have?
On completion of your studies, you will obtain a qualification giving eligibility for higher education studies. You will have acquired the basic eligibility for higher education studies, and you will be able for example to continue studying to become a game developer, product developer, engineer, industrial designer, furniture and interior designer, general designer, architect, website developer, programmer, systems analyst or teacher.

Course plans
TE15, 16, 17, 18PDF (pdf, 407.4 kB)