Special Gymnasium (upper secondary school for students with special needs)

National programmes: Property, Construction & Building, and Hotel, Restaurant & Bakery

The Special School at Haganässkolan is centrally located at the school, right next to the library. You will spend four years here. It will not all be about studying. There will also be a good deal of socialising with your teachers and classmates!

With us, you can choose from three national programmes. If appropriate, the various courses that you choose will be integrated with those of the Gymnasium, but you will of course study at your own pace and in accordance with the Special Gymnasium’s syllabus. You may also be able to study on an individual programme. Whatever study plan you choose will be totally unique for you, and we will together set up your individual study plan during the first year.

Administration, Selling and Inventory Management Programme
In this course, you will learn simple administrative processes, practical marketing and simple documentation.

Property, Construction & Building
This course will prepare you for work in repairs to and maintenance of buildings or groundworks and maintenance in park environments.

Hotel, Restaurant and Bakery Programme
In this course, you will learn to work with bakery and patisserie products, food hygiene, table-setting, cooking and hotel service.     Common courses for all are Swedish/Swedish as a Second Language, food & living, English, mathematics, sport & health, aesthetics, history, social studies, religion and natural science.

Individual Programme
Individual programmes are offered to those who cannot participate in a national level course. The course is adapted to your needs and abilities. The course consists of the following subjects:
- Ethics
- Home economics & consumer affairs
- Sport & health
- Nature & the environment
- The individual & society
- Language & communication

It is possible to study a combination of subjects from national programmes and subjects.

What happens next?
In Year 4, we work with you to enable you to live on your own, continue your studies or start work. You also have the choice of continuing your studies at Särvux (Adult Education for those with Special Needs) or folk high school. We also work with a number of companies where you can gain work experience.