Selling and Administration Programme

Orientation: Selling and service

Do you want a creative job in selling and service? Or maybe you are thinking about starting your own business? On the Selling & Administration Programme, you will get to develop your capabilities and your entrepreneurship. You will learn how to handle contacts with people and will acquire digital know-how and skills.

The Selling and Administrative Programme is a vocational programme. On it, you will acquire the kind of knowledge you need to work in selling and service, which is our orientation.

In selling and administration, communication and contacts are crucial. You will learn about selling, buying and goods flows, financial follow-up and business practice. You will also read subjects that are studied in all lines of Gymnasium (upper secondary school); English, history, sport & health, natural science, social studies and Swedish.

Parts of your course will be based at one or several workplaces for no less than 20 weeks. The workplace-based elements of the course form a very valuable part of your education. You will acquire unique experiences and important contacts for your future professional life.

Orientation: Selling and service
This orientation will acquaint you with retailing and wholesaling. You will learn about Internet selling, leadership and business practice, as well as about entrepreneurship, service and communication.   You will also get a practical opportunity to try out starting and running a business via  Ung Företagsamhet (UF) (Junior Achievement).

What career options will you have?
On completion of your studies, you will obtain a professional qualification and will be able to start out on your career path right away or continue to study at an institute of higher vocational education. You can also arrange your Gymnasium education such that you obtain basic eligibility for higher education studies. Examples of jobs on completion of studies: salesperson or shop assistant, financial or personal assistant, marketing assistant, sole proprietor, purchasing assistant or shop manager, customer service assistant or receptionist, personnel/financial or IT assistant.

Course plans
HA15, 16, 17, 18PDF (pdf, 123.8 kB)