Natural Science Programme

Orientations: Natural Science and Natural Science and Society

Do you want to find out about how DNA technology is used to solve crimes? Have you thought about how the universe works and do you want to know more? Do you want to study on a course that will open up many paths to interesting courses of study and vocations? If you do, the Natural Science Programme is for you!

The Natural Science Programme is a programme leading to eligibility for higher education studies and offers the broadest possible qualification for courses in natural science, mathematics and technology, as well as for most other areas in colleges and universities. During the course, our aim is to arouse your curiosity about how nature works, from the very smallest cell in your body to galaxies in the universe, so that you are inspired to find out even more!

During the years of your study, you will not only be out in the field but also working in our modern and well-equipped laboratories.  You will meet highly-qualified and committed teachers and highly-motivated fellow students.

We work closely with our universities, colleges and business, in order to connect your studies as closely to reality as possible! We also arrange physics teaching at Liseberg (Amusement Park) and biology at Copenhagen Zoo. A student will be selected to take part in the Swedish Chemical Society’s Berzelius Days, where you may make contact with researchers in workshops and at talks. If you want even greater challenges, we will help you take part in national and international competitions in biology, physics and chemistry. If you like mathematics, you can enter the school mathematics competition.

We will help you achieve the goals you set for yourself, whatever your plans for the future may be!

Gymnasium project
In Year 3, you have to carry out an independent Gymnasium project to prepare you for continued higher education studies, above all, in the areas of natural science or mathematics.  If you wish, you can carry out your Gymnasium project working with researchers for example at the University of Lund.

What career options will you have?
On completion of your studies in the Natural Science Programme, you will obtain a qualification giving eligibility for higher education studies. You will then have the basic eligibility for higher education studies, and will be able for example to continue studying to become a doctor, dentist, engineer, teacher, nurse, physiotherapist, economist, veterinary surgeon, criminologist or website developer.

Biologi - läran om livetexternal link
Kemi - i atomernas världexternal link

Course plans
NA15, 16, 17, 18PDF (pdf, 181 kB)