Introductory Programme

Foundation course, programme-oriented individual choice, introduction to vocational options, individual alternative, introduction to Swedish language

Do you need to complete your Grundskola (compulsory school) education or combine studies with practical experience? We offer five introductory programmes aimed at those who are not eligible for a national programme. The courses are tailored to individual needs and interests.

In these courses, your studies are based on your particular circumstances, and you are given a totally individual study plan.  With one of these programmes, you can become eligible for a national Gymnasium programme or prepare yourself for the labour market.

Foundation Course
The Foundation Course is for you if you are not eligible for a vocational programme or one leading to eligibility for higher education and want to obtain qualification. During your foundation year, you will study the subjects you need for eligibility. You can also study Grundskola subjects to obtain a higher merit point (although not in subjects you already have a grade in). Courses from the national programme that you are aiming for may be included.

Programme-Oriented Individual Choice
This programme is a course that aims to qualify you for admission to a national vocational programme. You can study several courses in the vocational programme at the same time as studying the Grundskola subjects that you lack.

We offer a programme-oriented individual choice for our five vocational programmes:

Child Development & Recreation Programme
Building and Construction Programme
Electricity and Energy Programme
Selling and Administration Programme
Health and Social Care Programme

Vocational Introduction
This course is based on your circumstances and future goals. We offer a vocational introduction to the Industrial Programme. The programme is aimed at those wishing to get established in the labour market or to study on a vocational programme.

Individual Alternative
The individual alternative is for those who need individual-oriented training. The studies will prepare you for a vocational introduction, national vocational programme, other training or for the labour market.

Introduction to the Swedish language
This course is for you if you have recently arrived in Sweden and your main focus is to improve your knowledge of Swedish.

What happens next?
The aim of an Introductory Programme is to prepare you for a national Gymnasium programme. Depending on what you have studied and what objectives you have achieved, you can apply for admission to a national Gymnasium programme or look for work in the labour market.

Course plans
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