Industrial Engineering Programme

Orientation: Product and Machine Technology (CNC Technology)

Are you interested in technology? This programme will give a broad base of knowledge of the industrial technology process, including important areas such as quality control, operating safety and maintenance of equipment.

The programme is for you if you like working practically, like solving problems, are an innovative thinker and like development. In CNC technology, you learn to handle tools and industrial equipment and to handle and work with various materials. You will also read subjects that are studied in all lines of Gymnasium (upper secondary school); English, history, sport & health, natural science, social studies and Swedish.

Parts of the course will be based at one or more workplaces for no less than 15 weeks. You will have plenty of opportunity to turn theory into practice.

Product and Machine Technology Orientation
In this orientation, you learn to use tools and industrial equipment. At the school, you will be using the same type of programming and modern technology that is used in industry. The aim is to enable you to design, build and produce.

What career options will you have?
On completion of your studies, you will obtain a professional qualification and will be able to start out on your career path right away or continue to study at a institute of higher vocational education. You can also arrange your Gymnasium education such that you obtain basic eligibility for higher education studies. Examples of jobs on completion of studies: industrial technician, automation technician, operating and service technician.

Course plans
IN17PDF (pdf, 384 kB)