Health and Social Care Programme

Certified by the Health and Social Care College

If you want to work where the focus is on people, the Health and Social Care Programme will open many doors. On completion of the course, you will have the vocational qualification needed for work in the health, elderly and disability care sectors. You will learn how we as people function and how to take care of and help people in different situations.

The Health and Social Care Programme is for you if you like being with people, working with others and taking responsibility for yourself and others. In the course, you will learn about health, ill-health, functional impairment, medicine, pedagogical theory and psychology. The ways in which lifestyles are important to health is another topic you will learn about, as well as how to deal with people in a professional manner. You will also read subjects that are studied in all lines of Gymnasium (upper secondary school); English, history, sport & health, natural science, social studies and Swedish.

We have been assessed and certified in accordance with ten specific quality criteria to enable us to use the title Health and Social Care College. As a student, you can be sure that you will acquire the skills that employers are looking for.

During your course, you will spend 20 weeks at a workplace in the health and social care sector.

What career options will you have?
On completion of your studies, you will obtain a professional qualification and will be able to start out on your career path right away or continue to study at an institute of higher vocational education. You can also arrange your Gymnasium education such that you obtain basic eligibility for higher education studies. Examples of jobs on completion of studies:  assistant nurse, registered nurse, carer, personal assistant and aid worker.

Course plans
VO16, 17, 18PDF (pdf, 101.9 kB)

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