Building & Construction Programme

Orientations: Housebuilding & Groundworks

Do you want to learn how to build houses,from project planning to finished building? If you do, the Building & Construction Programme is for you. In the programme, you will acquire a basic knowledge of new-building, as well as renovation and conversion of residential and commercial buildings.

The Building & Construction Programme is a vocational programme. The course will teach you how to build smartly, safely and in line with environmental requirements. You will also read subjects that are studied in all lines of Gymnasium (upper secondary school); English, history, sport & health, natural science, social studies and Swedish.

Part of the course is work experience, also known as workplace learning (Swedish: APL). In the Building & Construction Programme, you are guaranteed no less than 15 weeks’ APL, but Haganässkolan offers 18-20 weeks. Most take place in Years 2 and 3. In association with our locally-based companies employing the various professions, you will acquire training in the one you have chosen.

In the programme, you will choose one of our two orientations.

Orientation: Housebuilding
You learn how to build, convert and renovate residential and commercial building and bridges. In the Housebuilding orientation, you will specialise in masonry, concrete, wood or construction.

Orientation: Groundworks
You learn how to carry out groundworks for roads, railways, house foundations, pipelines, green areas and asphalting, slab laying and stone paving.

What career options will you have?
On completion of your studies, you will obtain a professional qualification and will be able to start out on your career path right away or continue to study at an institute of higher vocational education. You can also arrange your Gymnasium education such that you obtain basic eligibility for higher education studies. Examples of jobs on completion of studies: carpenter, concrete worker, floor layer, mason, road and construction worker.

Course plans
BA15, 16, 17, 18PDF (pdf, 1.2 MB)