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More information:
The IBDP is a 2 year high school programme with an International Standard. It is an English speaking alternative to the Swedish national curriculum. 
As a an IB MYP 5 or 10th grade student, send a letter of interest to the DP Coordinator:

Applicants to Diploma Program must:

  • Pass their core subjects in MYP 5* or Grade 10 (English/Swedish/Mother Tongue, Math, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences)
    • We will ask you to submit your latest report card
    • If needed, you might be asked to supply a translation of the grades with definition of a passing score.
  • Complete an interview with the DP Coordinator and Study and Work Counselor (SYV)
  • Send a letter of interest directly to the DP Coordinator:

MYP 5 Advancement to DP 1:
The sum total of all the students’ MYP 5 final grades in 8 subject areas, plus the personal project total 36.  
Additionally, if a student has earned a 3 or lower in any MYP 5 core subjects, the
student and parent will meet with the coordinator to determine the best
course of action. A recommendation will be made by the DP Coordinator at
that time.
Diagnostic Assessments
Applicants from the Swedish program, another IB school outside of Älmhult, or
abroad will be asked to come in for assessments in English and Math.
These are diagnostic assessments that help us to understand your
strengths and areas of needed development.

Applicants to DP 1 must have:

  • completed grade 10, PDP, or MYP 5 education.
  • passed the core subjects: English, Math, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences
  • passed admission tests in English and Mathematics.
  • Completed an interview with the Head of School, DP Coordinator, DP teacher, or Guidance Counselor/SYV. 

How to apply

Admission Testing for DP 1

  • English: Essay writing (same as the Pre-DP test)
  • Math: Students will need prior knowledge in the following topics, and will
    need to at least meet the minimum prior knowledge requirements needed to
    enter the DP course “Mathematical Studies”. Naturally, if the student
    wishes to take Mathematics SL, the prior knowledge needed will be more
    substantial. The math test will cover a variety of topics from the lists

To know more or prepare for your diagnostic assessments, go here. external link
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