IB Programme

Haganässkolan is an authorized IBDP World School

​What was previously only available for students in larger cities, is now available here in Älmhult in your home of homes. Haganässkolan has become an authorized IB World School offering the Diploma Programme (DP) starting August 2017. As an IB World School, Haganässkolan is now part of a global community of schools committed to developing knowledgeable, caring young people who will be ready to negotiate their futures successfully and make contributions resulting in a more harmonious and peaceful world. The positive results of this choice will become evident in our community as classes of DP students graduate and undertake activities that enhance social, cultural and economic environments locally, nationally and, perhaps, internationally.

The School Stuff:

​Study 6 subject groups, seen on the programme model • Study ”Theory of Knowledge” • Complete an Extended Essay • Participate in Externally Marked Exams • Teachers guide students to meet IB assessment requirements

​The Cool Stuff:

• Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS) Follow your passion, take action, help others too!
• Learner Profile Attributes and Skills for lifelong learning
• Become an Internationally Minded Global Citizen

Ola Ericsson is a ”Lead Enterprise Architect”- a job title that didn’t exist when he was going to school. When he talked about the ”Cool Stuff”, he noted that the cool stuff is what your future employers are looking for, in the IB, this is known as the Learner Profile:
Knowledgeable * Caring * Balanced * Principled * Reflective * Inquirer * Communicator * Risk-taker * Thinker * Open-minded
The DP:

It’s your path not only to University, but to successful employment in a future that is unpredictable. The amazing benefit of the DP is that you are ready to tackle anything. You don't have to decide right now if you will study "Electricity", or "Natural Sciences", or "After school care", instead you study a balance of subjects, gain invaluable skills, and you become a flexible, capable, knowledgeable person ready to tackle anything your future may bring!
Is the DP for you?

Are you a student who would like to embark on a journey with the DP at Haganässkolan? We look forward to working closely with you to realize our shared vision of a better and more peaceful world, achieved through intercultural understanding and respect.

How do I enter the DP at Haganässkolan?

You can become a DP student at Haganäskolan through the following paths:

1. You are a Swedish student in Grade 9. You apply to the “Pre-DP” programme at Haganässkolan and choose either a Natural Sciences or Social Sciences direction.

2. In the Spring of your Pre-DP year, you meet with the DP Coordinator to review your progress and plans: you may either continue into the Diploma Programme for the last 2 years, or, you can instead choose to go back into the Swedish National Programme, following your Natural Sciences or Social Sciences direction.

3. You are an MYP 5 student at an International School. You apply directly to Krista Baker: krista.baker@almhult.se

The DP Coordinator will review your grades and make a decision.

4. You are a student who is finishing the equivalent of Grade 10 anywhere in the world and you are planning to move to Älmhult. You apply the same as the above (number 3).

The DP Coordinator will review your grades and make a decision.