Health & Social Care

The course is arranged over three terms and represents 1,550 academic points (p), corresponding to full-time studies. It includes 12-15 weeks of work experience in the form of workplace learning (APL).

Operated in group form, the course comprises lectures, discussions and practical elements. During the course, you will acquire knowledge that will make you employable as an assistant nurse. The course is primarily designed for work in elderly care. It is given within the scope of the Health & Care College system. A certificate will be awarded for the lowest grade E, with no less than 1,500 academic points, plus an approved Gymnasium project.

Last date for applications to start on the Spring 2018 course is 15 November.
Click here for application formPDF (pdf, 272.1 kB)

Your application must be accompanied by a personal letter.

National courses/Gymnasium courses, 1,550 academic points (p)

    Medicine 1,150 p
    Health & Social Care 1,200 p
    Pedagogical Theory in Health Care, 100 p
    Term 1 includes four weeks of APL.

    Health & Social Care 2,150 p
    Psychology 1,500 p
    Pedagogical Theory in Special Needs Teaching, 1,100 p
    Psychiatry 1,100 p
    Ethics and People’s Conditions of Life 100 p
    Term 2 includes four weeks of APL.

    Elderly Health and Conditions of Life 200 p
    Health & Social Care in Dementia 100 p
    Health Care in the Home 100 p
    Gymnasium project
    Swedish 1/Swedish as a Second Language 1,100 p
    Term 3 includes four weeks of APL.

To obtain a Health & Social Care College diploma, the student must have been awarded a grade of satisfactory in Social Science 1. If the student does not have this grade from his/her Gymnasium studies, it is obtainable via a distance learning course in any term.