Swedish for Immigrants (SFI)

The Swedish language is a key to studying and work! This course is aimed at those whose native language is other than Swedish and who want to acquire a basic knowledge of the Swedish language and Swedish society.

The course will enable you to develop Swedish as a functional second language. The course also aims to give you the linguistic tools for communication so that you can take an active part in day-to-day, social and working life. The course consists of 15 hour-long lessons a week at Haganässkolan.

To be eligible for the course, you must be registered as a resident of Älmhult Municipality and must have little or no knowledge of Swedish.

Application and Admission
We have many applicants for our SFI courses, and there is often a waiting list of around two months. To apply, use the following form: SFI-Anmälan (Application to SFI) (PDF, 360.5 kB)

You will be notified in good time, via a letter send to your postal address, about when you should attend.

Study and work counselor
Christina Löfgren
0476-552 99