Examinations for specialized courses

If you are missing a grade in a particular subject, for example, you can take an exam to earn the grade for that subject.

It means that you undertake independent study on your own within a subject area, based on the subject’s syllabus.  Depending on which subject you need, you might have an exam that has written or speaking elements. You may even need to do some practical work like complete scientific lab work.  During the time you are studying, it is entirely independent, and you will not get teacher support during this period.

Adult education at Haganäs offers examinations in the subjects that we have in our course offering. Note that completing an examination for a specialized course or subject doesn’t entitle you to grants from CSN.

If you need to register, or want to know more information about the course, payment, etc., please contact the Study and Work counselor, Christina Löfgren.

Registration formPDF (pdf, 391.9 kB)

Within 2 weeks after submitting the registration form, you will be contacted by the teacher or the Study and Work counselor with more information about the exam.  When the time for the examination comes, you will need to present personal identification and show the receipt that you have paid the fee.

The last day for registration and payment for the Spring Term is February 1st.
The last day for registration and payment for the Autumn Term is September 9th.

When and where the exam will take place will be according to an agreement between you and the teacher.

The fee for the examination is 500 swedish kronor per subject. The fee shall be paid to the Bank account 5720-0073.  When making the payment, please include your name and personal number.  Remember to keep your receipt of payment to show at the examination.

Payment must happen before the last day of registration (?), otherwise you will not be permitted to take the exam.  The payment cannot be refuneded.

In the case of sickness or other extenuating circumstances, contact the Head of School. Your exam can be rescheduled for the next available exam date.

It takes about a week after you have taken the exam to get your written results.  The result will be sent home to you. We sent in the results to the National Results Database a couple of days before the last deadline.  For more information about applications to higher education or University, you can go to :   http://antagning.seexternal link

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Study and work counselor
Christina Löfgren,  0476-552 99