Adult Gymnasium Programme

At Gymnasium level, we offer courses at Haganässkolan in Swedish, Swedish as a Second Language, English and mathematics. In consultation with our study and vocational supervisor, we arrange your personal study plan based on your goals.

Application and Admission
We have admissions four times a year, depending on the availability of places. If places are in short supply, we prioritise those whom we judge to be in greatest need. To apply, use the following form: Ansökan-gymnasialvuxPDF (pdf, 199.6 kB) (Application to Adult Gymnasium Programme)

Distance Learning Courses
There are courses in core and general subjects to choose from. All can be studied at 100, 50 or 25 percent level, or at the individual’s chosen study rate. You can start your courses all year round, with a high degree of flexibility. All courses are national courses that lead to eligibility for higher education and qualification for study finance.  Courses are web-based. Application is made as shown above.

Yrkesvux (Vocational Adult Education Programme)
At Haganässkolan, we offer a range of vocational courses at Gymnasium level for adults.
More information

Study and work counsellor
Christina Löfgren