Apply to adult education at Haganässkolan

We are starting new vocational course offerings. Apply by May 11th.

  • Health and social care (half distance education): new programme for those who would like to become a nurse’s assistant. Course time: 3 terms.
  • Restaurant programme. Course time: 3 terms.
  • Children and Leisure programme. Course time: 2 terms.

We also offer Swedish for immigrants (SFI) and specialized courses at the compulsory school level and high school level. We even have special education for adults.

Do you want to know more? Contact the study and work counselor, Christina Löfgren, at 0476-552 99 or

With your application we need the following: 

  • Personal letter that explains who you are and why you are applying
  • Grades from high school or compulsory school (if you don’t have grades from high school).
  • Completed application form (link)

The application is due by May 11th.

Christina Löfgren
Box 501
343 23 Älmhult