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Family violence

The Social Services Department cooperate with the health and medical services, the police, the Women's emergency shelter, the victim support organisation, among others, to support victims of family violence.

Advice and support

We offer you the possibility to meet with a social welfare officer, who can help you get a clear idea of your situation. Other family members can be offered their own individual contact person within the social services.

The social welfare officer can give you advice on e.g. divorce, custody issues and right of access to your children.

We can also offer a contact person for your family, a person who could help and assist your family on a voluntary basis, i.e. in his/her spare time.

Cost-of-living allowance

If you are in difficult economic circumstances, you may apply for a cost-of living allowance.

Drug abuse

Drug abuse is sometimes a factor in family violence. The Social Services Department have specialist officers for such issues, who can help you with advice and support.

Women's emergency shelter

The Women's emergency shelter is a non-governmental organisation of women who offers their help to you and your children. You can call the shelter at any time for help and support. The organisation can help you find a place to stay in emergency situations — they will accompany you there and stay with you for support. 

The police

The police's task is to prevent crimes, and to investigate crimes already committed.

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