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Water quality in private wells

Persons with private wells (individual supply) are responsible for the quality of the water in the well. The National Food Administration (NFA), the central authority in regards to food, recommends that you test your water at least every three years.

If you have a private well, there are certain cases when your tap water must be analysed, for example:

  • When the well is new
  • If the well has not been in use recently
  • If you suspect the water has been contaminated
  • Before you let or lease your house to someone else
  • When you are expecting children 

In order to find out the quality of your drinking water, it must be analysed by a laboratory. There are several laboratories that have been tested and approved to analyse water. As a property owner in the municipality of Älmhult, you are eligible for a discount on the price for water analysis, according to an agreement between the municipality and the analysis company SGS Analytics Sweden AB.

If you have questions regarding the analysis of well water, the agreement with SGS Analytics Sweden AB or if you require advice on your well and water, you can contact the department of planning/building and environment.