The municipality of Älmhults work with the new corona virus, covid-19

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The Public Health Authority considers that we have public dissemination in Sweden. The municipality of Älmhult is actively monitoring the development of the corona virus covid-19 and is following the recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

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Stay home if you're sick

The recommendations that apply right now are that everyone who is sick, even with mild symptoms, should stay home from preschool, school and work 48 hours after you are healthy.

It is important that you stay home when you are ill. If you are unable to self-care at home, call 1177 for medical advice.

Test for Covid-19

There are two types of tests for Covid-19. One that indicates if you have an ongoing infection and one that shows if you have antibodies (if you have had covid-19). Contact your health care center for testing.

Test for ongoing Covid-19

If you are ill and want to know if you have Covid-19, you can take a so-called PCR test. The test shows if you have an ongoing Covid-19 infection, or not. To take this test, you must have had symptoms for at least 24 hours, otherwise there is a risk that an ongoing infection will not be detected.

Antibody test

If you are healthy but want to know if you have had Covid-19 before, you can take an antibody test. You must have been symptom-free for at least 14 days to take the test. The antibody test costs SEK 200.

Advice to avoid getting infected and infecting others

Wash your hands frequently

Infectious agents easily stick to hands and other surfaces, such as door handles. They spread further when you take someone in hand. Therefore, wash your hands frequently with soap and warm water. Handwash can be an option when you do not have the option of hand washing.

Cough and sneeze in the arm fold

When you cough and sneeze, small droplets containing infectious agents are spread. By coughing and sneezing in the arm fold or in a tissue, you prevent infection from spreading in your environment or from contaminating your hands.

Stay home if you're sick

Stay home when you are sick. This way you avoid infecting people on the bus, your work or where you are close to others.

Do you have questions or are you worried?

If you have questions about the coronavirus covid-19, find answers at www.krisinformation.seexternal link, opens in new window. That is where you can find all the statutory authorities’ confirmed information about the corona virus gathered in one place.

You can also call the national information number 113 13. All information provided by 113 13 is has been checked by the Public Health Agency of Sweden or other responsible authority. The service is available around the clock.

Holidays will be different this year

We have many festivals ahead of us. This year, we will not be celebrating them as normal. Instead of meeting our loved ones we must concentrate on protecting one another from infection. It is especially important to protect our elders, who are at risk of falling gravely ill. Together, we can slow the spread of Covid-19 in Sweden.

This is what everyone can do to help:

  • Stay at home, even if you only have slight cold-like symptoms.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Keep your distance from others both indoors and out.Keep your distance from others on buses, trains, the metro, trams and
    other forms of public transport.
  • Do not attend parties, funerals, baptisms or weddings.
  • Keep your distance from others on sports grounds, in public baths and at the gym and avoid using public changing rooms.
  • If at all possible, do not travel during rush hours.
  • Travel only when absolutely necessary.
  • If you are 70 or older, it is even more important that you limit social contact and avoid places where people gather.

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Faith Communities about holiday and corona and covid-19
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This is how the municipality of Älmhult works

We continuously monitor the course of events in order to be able to act quickly on changes. Since Wednesday, March 11, the municipality of Älmhult is coordinating a staff to create endurance in the work with the corona virus. In order to ensure that our socially important functions work, we analyze our operations to be ready if, for example, staff shortages should occur.

Prevent the spread of rumors

Help prevent speculation and rumors spread by being source-critical and not sharing insecure information.

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