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Library card and rules

Getting your library card

You can borrow books and media at the library with no charge. To do this you will need a library card. To get a library card, you need to go to the library and apply for one. A photo ID is required. The library card is for your personal use only, and may not be used by other persons. You must bring your card to the library in order to borrow.

When you register for a library card, you will get a PIN code. You can use the code together with your card number to make reservations and renew your loans in the online catalogueexternal link, opens in new window.
Children under the age of 15 need their parents or guardians permission to obtain a library card. The parents or guardians are responsible for the children's use of the card.
If you leave us your e-mail address, we will send you information about your reservations, new media etc. You can also get notifications when your loans are about to expire.

A lost card may be replaced for a fee of 20 SEK. Please report any loss of library cards to us, by phone 0476-552 20. We will block use of the card immediately.

Loan periods

Music video 1 week
Video games 1 week
Magazines (this year's issues) 2 weeks
DVD films 1 week

All other items (books etc.)  4 weeks.
The loan period is shortened to 2 weeks if there is a reservation queue for the item.

Please note that you are responsible for your loans until they have been registered as returned.

Renewing items

Assuming your books are not reserved, they can be renewed up to three times without returning them to the library. Only items with a 4-week loan period may be renewed.

Reservations and inter-library loans

If the book you request is out on loan you may reserve it, either through our staff, or by using our online catalogueexternal link, opens in new window.
If the book is not in our catalogue, we can borrow it for you from another library. There is a charge of 10 SEK for each order for this service. If the other library makes photocopies of part of a requested book for you, you might be charged for the costs involved.

Overdue charges

Should an item on loan go over its advised return date then an overdue charge is imposed. Late books are subject to a weekly charge of 10 SEK for each overdue item. At the time of the second reminder, another 50 SEK is charged (this applies to children's books as well).
For late DVD films and video games, there is a daily overdue charge of 10 SEK.

Replacement charges

Items that have been destroyed or cannot be returned are subject to the following charges:
Children's books 150 SEK
Other books 300 SEK
CD Audiobooks 300 SEK
CD Video games 300 SEK
DVD/VHS films 550 SEK
Language courses 950 SEK

If the actual value of the item exceeds the value mentioned above, the actual value will be charged.  

Your library card will be blocked if your debt exceeds 100 SEK

If you move

Let us know your new address and phone number, in order for us to contact you about reservations etc.


The library takes no responsibility for damages on technical equipment used together with borrowed media (e.g. films and music).