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Frequently asked questions

How do I register?

What happens if my course is full?

If your course is full you can register on an interesting list. It is not a queue list but if someone quit there is a new chance to start. You can also check out our other courses mabe you find an available course that you want to try instead.

Is there a lesson-guarantee?

You are guaranteed 23 lessons per school year. These include concerts, performances, exhibitions and regular lessons. However, you will lose a lesson if you are unable to attend for any other reason

Where do lessons take place?

Some lessons are held at schools in the municipality during regular school hours. However, the majority are scheduled after school. In this case, lessons will be held at Kulturskolan, on the second floor of Blohmehuset on Skolgatan 1. Dance lessons will take place in rooms adapted for dance.

What time are lessons held?

Students attend lessons for 20 minutes a week during regular primary school time, or after school. Dance, theater, art and orchestra sessions take place after school time. If you have another preference, this can always be discussed.

The school year

We follow the school year in effect in Älmhult Municipality, which means there are no regular lessons at Kulturskolan during holidays or training days.

Renting instruments

Some instruments can be rented by those attending Kulturskolan’s courses. The following instruments are available for rent: violin, cello, acoustic guitar, trumpet, trombone, tuba, tenor horn, French horn, flute, clarinet and saxophone. Get in touch with us at kulturskolan@almhult.se and we’ll try to find a solution.

Do you have to be good to study with us?

No prior experience is required, with every student at Kulturskolan given the chance to develop at their own pace. Students are expected to spend time practising at home ahead of forthcoming lessons.

What happens if too few people register on a course?

If too few people sign up for a course (e.g., under five students at a school), the lessons will be held at Kulturskolan.

I have completed primary education. Can I still take part?

If you have completed primary school and have decided to stop playing an instrument for the time being, but are considering starting up again, get in touch with Kulturskolan.

Can I give it a try without having to pay?

As a beginner, you may try out a course of your choice for three lessons. If you decide not to continue, you must inform Kulturskolan by the third lesson at the latest, or you will be charged for the full term.

I have another question!

Get in touch. We’re happy to help. Email kulturskolan@almhult.se
Because of the Coronavirus it can take a Little longer time to get answered.