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Älmhult is home for us

Bild på älmhultsbor

"Home is a place where you feel comfortable and safe; a place where you can take care of yourself and those you hold dear. Home can be a building. It can also be a place. You can feel at home with a particular feeling, situation or context. Still, that feeling of being at home
is sometimes elusive. We all have different perceptions and experiences. In Älmhult we set great store by that “at home” feeling.

Being at home in Älmhult means that it’s a special place for you personally – a home, a job, a potential for growing and developing, for relaxation and recreation. The chance to enjoy a good life together with your nearest and dearest, a place where your children and parents will be taken well care of. This is a place where you will meet positive and cheerful people who are never far from a friendly word or willingness to help. Welcome to Älmhult. Make yourself at home."

Living in Älmhult is a breeze

Most people appreciate living close to their workplaces, schools, leisure and nature areas, shopping centres etc. - as well as shopping in the city centre. Proximity gives us more leisure
time. We have the lowest unemployment rate in the region and, compared with other municipal areas in Kronoberg county, Älmhult residents have the highest average income.

Älmhult is international - for real

People from more than fifty different countries live and work in our municipal area. Every fifth inhabitant between 25 and 44 was born outside Sweden. This gives Älmhult a really
cosmopolitan atmosphere. Companies based in Älmhult attract people from all over the world and there are a lot more who come for other good reasons. You only need a short stroll around town, or have lunch in one of the many restaurants, to get the feel of it. You’ll
hear a lot of different languages spoken and the restaurants offer menus inspired by an array of different cultures. Nor is it pure chance that Älmhult is a place that can boast of having an “international school”.

“Having the best schools in Sweden”

Great initiatives are taken to make Älmhult schools even better – including links with local businesses. “Having the best schools in Sweden” is our vision. Älmhult boasts a wide selection, ranging from staterun to independent schools with a great many options to choose from. The excellent upper secondary school offers 15 programmes qualifying for university studies as well as adult education programmes.

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