For improved communication and the ability to reach those directly affected by a disorder, Älmhult municipality use a SMS-service. The service sends you a text message with information about, for example a water leak.

The service which is used for:

  • planned water shutdowns
  • emergency water leaks
  • disturbances in the fiber network

This means that if the water is turned off on a specific street, or in a residential area, it is possible for us to send information via SMS only to those who live there. The aim is to improve our communication with the residents so that we can reach the right people faster. The SMS-service is not used for any kind of sales or marketing.

Who receives SMS messages?

If you are registered in Älmhult Municipality and has a phone registered at the same address, you will automatically receive a SMS to your phone. SMS is sent to mobile numbers registered on people over 16 years old. All telephone numbers are retrieved from the files of Bismode, the data will not be disclosed to anyone.

For those of you who do not have a mobile phone

If you do not have a mobile phone, the SMS is sent and read out as a voice message in your regular phone.

If you have a mobile phone that is not written on your address

If you for example have a work phone or an unlisted number, you can fill in your details in the form hereexternal link. When you register your number, you get a one-time code to your mobile phone. Write the code in the box, then you will move to a new page where you can easily connect your home address to your mobile number.

If you do not want any SMS

If you do not want information via SMS, you can fill out the form hereexternal link and we will remove you from the list.