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Voting cards

Logga Val 9 september

Voting cards for the European Parliament election are sent out 2–8 May by mail to all individuals who are entitled to vote in one of the elections.

The voting card states in which election you have the right to vote and at which polling station you are to vote. The voting card is sent to your address as it is listed in the national population registry.

Do not throw away the voting card prior to the election - it is an important document! Se picture of the voting card below.

If you intend to vote in advance you must bring your voting card with you.


If you have not received your voting card

If you have not received a voting card by 22 August or if you have lost your card, you can contact the municipality by phone on +46 (0)476-550 00 or e-mail at vn@​almhult.se and order a duplicate voting card that is sent by post, email or fax.

At most locations where advance voting takes place, the polling staff can also print or call and order a duplicate voting card.