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Voting by messenger

Logga Val 9 september 2018

If you are sick, have a disability or are elderly and therefore cannot get to your polling station or advance voting location, you may vote by messenger. You may also vote by messenger if you are in custody or prison. In addition, anyone who lives along the Swedish postal service’s rural postal routes may vote by using the mail carrier as messenger.

A messenger vote is a vote that you prepare at home or elsewhere yourself and then submit to a polling station by messenger.

In addition to the messenger, there should be a witness who can certify that the vote was properly prepared. You do not need to show the messenger or the witness which party you are voting for.

In order to vote by messenger, you need special material. Contact the municipality or Election Authority to order the material.

Remember to follow the instructions in the material carefully. Take particular care to ensure that you, the witness and the messenger fill in all information on the outer envelope properly. In addition, make sure the envelope is completely sealed when you hand it over to the messenger.

Note that voting by messenger, like all other voting, is based on you as a voter expressing your will. It is not possible for anyone else to vote for you by proxy.

Who can serve as a witness?

Anyone can serve as a witness. The only requirement is that the witness must be at least 18 years of age.

Who can serve as a messenger?

Only some people have permission to be messengers when voting by messenger:

  1. your spouse, live-in partner or partner and your own or your spouse’s, live-in partner’s or partner’s children, grandchildren, parents or siblings,
  2. individuals who provide you with professional or similar care, or who otherwise often help you in personal matters,
  3. mail carriers employed by PostNord,
  4. employees at a jail or a prison establishment.

A messenger must be at least 18 years of age.

Municipal messengers

In previous elections, the municipality has appointed municipal officials who have been granted permission to serve as messengers in conjunction with voting by messenger. After a legal change, they have been replaced by itinerant polling staff, who serve a similar function. However, one difference is that the itinerant polling staff, unlike messengers, may help voters prepare their vote.