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Right to vote

Logga Val 9 september

The information in the national population registry 30 days prior to election day determines whether you are entitled to vote and what your electoral district is.

The right to vote in elections to the European Parliament is enjoyed by Swedish citizens who attain the age of 18 not later than on Election Day and who are, or at some time have been, registered resident in Sweden.

The right to vote in elections to the European Parliament is also enjoyed by citizens of other member states of the European Union who attain the age of 18 years not later than Election Day. It is a precondition that they must be registered residents in Sweden at least 30 days before Election Day and that they must submit a notification requesting that they be listed on the electoral roll. They may not then vote in any other member state. Please contact the Election Authorityexternal link well in advance if you wish to file such a request.

When you vote, you must verify your identity

You can verify your identity by:

  • showing an ID document
  • being known by a polling staff member
  • having someone with you who can vouch for you, but in this case, that individual must show their ID document