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Itinerant voting staff

Logga Val 9 september 2018

If, due to illness, disability or age, you are unable to get to a polling station or advance voting location, you may request instead to submit your votes from home to a specially appointed itinerant polling staff member.

Voting by itinerant polling staff member is possible during the same period as advance voting: 8–26 May.

Itinerant polling staff will accept your vote in the same way as an advance polling station and will help you prepare your vote, but only if you request help. Polling staff members are bound by secrecy.

Itinerant polling staff members bring all required materials for voting to your home, but only the ballot papers that are available in the polling stations.

Just like ordinary advance voting, two polling staff members must be present in order for a vote to be accepted.

Book in advance!

Itinerant polling staff members are only available during regular office hours (Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.) and on election day, and they must be booked well in advance.

In order to book a time with an itinerant polling staff member, contact the election committee at vn@almhult.se or call one of the following:


Itinerant polling staff will be present at homes for the elderly according to a certain schedule. If you would like to book voting at the scheduled hours, please inform the staff at the home. More information is available here.